Friday, August 6, 2010

Where To Buy Those Ice Cream Pops Molds

Some of you said that you'd like to buy a set of the Ice Cream Pops molds that are in my current giveaway package.  I said I'd try to find out where to buy them, so after looking around online, I found that you can get them at and at, as well as other places.  Just search for "Tovolo Ice Cream Pops" to find them.

Target has Tovolo products, including some other frozen treat molds, but they don't seem to have these exact molds.  I can't vouch for how well the other shapes release, but I do recommend the Ice Cream Pops mold.  We've filled and frozen pops three times already, and they work great each time.

Search & Win


Shelli said...

They remind me of the old ice cream signs that you used to see at Dairy Queens. You know, the big neon lighted ice cream cone? It's nostalgic to me.

Lisa B. said...

Ahhhhaa! I can get em FREE with my swagbucks Amazon gift cards! I LOVE FREE! hehehehehe

Sheila said...

Lucky you!!! I would love to have a sun room. I hope Shane is feeling better soon. Thanks for all you kind comments on my blog--didn't mean for it to get to be such a downer!! I hope y'all have a wonderful week.