Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat: Oh So Hot Edition

Good Monday Morning! Hope each of you had a good weekend.

Our Saturday went just about the way we thought it would. Shane, his step-dad and a couple of co-workers went and removed the sun room I mentioned last week from the property, much to the new owner's delight. It only took them three hours and except for a small portion of the roof, it came apart neatly. Here it is stacked on the trailer waiting for the re-build.

We've decided to indeed use it as a sun room instead of a greenhouse, and we're not sure when it will go up. Our back deck needs to be power-washed and the side rails removed (and saved, of course, for another use) before any building can take place. There is also a small repair around our sliding glass door leading to the deck that needs to be made as well. The serendipity surrounding all of this is that, except for the corner notch where the stairs go down off our back deck, the deck and the sun room are the exact same dimensions!

While the guys were working on that Saturday morning, Kat and I went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. Although she's been several times with daycare, I hadn't been for about 15 years, so it was like an all-new experience for me. It is basically a children's farm, with chickens, goats, rabbits, turkeys, cows, horses, playgrounds, fishing, hayrides, and more. We spent a couple of hours there, then grabbed lunch (with enough leftovers for Shane's lunch) and made a quick stop at Whole Foods for a couple of things I have trouble finding anywhere else.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Netflix movies and just relaxing. That's because by that time, Shane wasn't feeling well. He has somehow ended up to with both a stomach bug and a sinus ailment. Or maybe it was just the heat and dust and possibly (probably) unseen mold in that sun room that got to him.

Since this was our last weekend with Kat before school starts (she's with her mom next weekend just before school starts), we had planned to go to one of the smaller water parks in the area, but Shane wasn't feeling up to it. Instead we stayed inside (it may very well have been our hottest day so far yesterday) and watched movies, with no complaints from anyone. Situations like this are why I almost never tell Kat ahead of time that we're going to do something special. That way when plans change, she isn't disappointed; when we can carry out our plans, she is pleasantly surprised.

I'm not sure what I'll be doing this week. We're all set for school to start; we even have all of Kat's outfits picked out and ready to go for the first week! The one thing I might try to do is make up a batch of waffles to freeze and reheat on those first busy mornings we are trying to get back into the school routine. I'll have a few veggies to take care of from the garden, which has slowed down production a lot. Other than those things, the week seems wide open from here.

How about you? What's your week looking like?


Lisa B. said...

"Situations like this are why I almost never tell Kat ahead of time that we're going to do something special. That way when plans change, she isn't disappointed; when we can carry out our plans, she is pleasantly surprised."

And here I was thinking I was the only mom who did this! As matter of fact, I did it just Saturday. Hubby was finally able to get home by two so we could take our son to Dave & Busters. Kiddo was out mowing when I called him in and told him to jump in the shower we were leaving in 30 minutes. That kid has never taken a shower soooo quick! lol

I'm glad to see the removal of the sunroom came down without a hitch. Hope Shane gets to feeling better. My sinus' are driving me nuts! They say on the news it's the hottest its been in three years!

slugmama said...

Oh so jealous over that new sunroom!

Oh so empathizing with Shane over the stomach bug as I had it's twin over the weekend here. bleh!

Oh so not liking this heat wave here either!

Otherwise, I am so glad it's Monday....yah, I'll stick with

SonyaAnn said...

I can't wait to see the after pictures with the sun room up!!