Friday, August 6, 2010

Back On Facebook

A few months ago, I deleted my personal (i.e., real name) account on Facebook and have never regretted giving myself the gift of time.  Facebook, on a personal level, was eating up all of my free minutes (and hours).

But now I'm back on Facebook to promote my blog, give those of you who are Facebook members an additional opportunity to enter the occasional giveaways I host, and give you a glimpse into some of the things that go on around here that aren't necessarily "big enough" for a blog post of their own.  Also, since I don't usually post on the weekends here, Facebook will be a good way to keep up with me on Saturday and Sunday.

I joined Facebook this time around as Annie Jones.  You can send me a friend request, if you like, by clicking HERE.

I have also set up a page for Real Life Living, and if you like, you can "Like" it HERE.

There are also links to both in my sidebar, if you prefer.  I may find that the two pages are redundant, but for now, there they are.

I eagerly welcome your Friend requests and Likes.  If you have a Facebook page for your blog, or are a member of Networked Blogs, please let me know so I can Like or Follow you as well.


Frances said...

I got your friend request. I will have to go "like" your other one.

SonyaAnn said...

I don't have a facebook account but I still like you!