Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend Grocery Recap

Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter and/or a great weekend in general. Kat is with her mom and step-dad today, so things are pretty low-key around here. We aren't really doing much today...just working in the garden and we might grill some chicken later.

Here's the recap of grocery spending for the week of March 28 to April 3.  I count it as April, because I didn't buy any of this stuff until April 1. I didn't do too badly, but I couldn't resist some salty junk food.  However, I did talk myself out of buying the Coke 12-packs that were on sale this weekend.  We drink a lot of it if it's in the house, but we really don't seem to miss it if it isn't. 

Our stockpile is beginning to look a little thin, but I think I can go another 2-3 weeks before I'll start stocking up again.  Among the things still in our freezer (and still frozen rock-solid) is a whole turkey.  That alone will feed us for most of a week.

Needed: A 32 oz. jar of honey, 1 small can decaf coffee, 1 lb.butter, 1 dozen eggs, 4 lb. bag sugar, 5 lb. bag flour, 1 gal. milk, 1 qt. half & half, 1 bunch celery

Not needed yet: Another small cans decaf coffee, 16 oz. sour cream,  and 2 cases of bottled water that were at a good price; we'll use it when we camp Memorial Weekend

Not really needed at all:  4 cans of Pringles, 2 bags tortilla chips, 16 oz. onion dip, 1 cake mix, 1 tub frosting

After coupons, my total spent for food = $30.45

Here's how I did in the other categories.  (Remember, all of these are separate from our grocery budget):

Health/Beauty/CoPays - 2 toothbrushes, 1 shampoo - after coupons, Register Rewards, etc. = $1.56
Paper products, cleaning/laundry supplies - $0.00
Cat food/litter - Cheap food for outside feral cat* - $9.73
Lawn/garden - $0.00
Dining out - sodas for Kat, my daughter Jean and I while walking around Crown Center one day on Spring Break -  $4.65

*This food should last a while since those four cats have slowly dwindled down to just one.  We're pretty sure the mother died, but Blacky and Stripey just gradually quit showing up for food.  Now only Pinky shows up regularly.


Sheila said...

Not bad at all. I did the same thing with salty treats this week--I don't know why as it's not something I usually buy--I just had to have it though!! We still have the 2 cats showing up--some days we have none but most days lately they are staying at our shed.
Enjoy your low-key time. Wish we could grill--we don't have a grill any more=(! Happy Easter.

Annie Jones said...

I scheduled this post last night to publish automatically this morning. As of last night I hadn't seen Stripey for about a week. But she was out there first thing this morning, with Pinky. They were running up the stairs of Kat's "fort" and sliding down the slide. It was so fun to watch them!

Sheila said...

I'm glad the cats showed up. I worry about our ferals when they don't show up for a few days when in reality--they are probably going to different houses to be fed--or at least that is what I keep telling myself!! I love to watch animals play.

Leanne said...

Definitely not bad at all (quick sums in my head) if I were to buy the same it would cost around £33 or so give or take a few pence at average prices.

Our cat is still here, still trying to teach herself to hunt but so far she's only brought home a couple of mice, one bird and a frog. It makes me a little grateful that I've a one eyed cat or I'm sure I'd have to clean up a lot more little critters. She has been eating my thyme though and it's only in the ground a day!

Annie Jones said...

I hope the cat(s) don't cause too much chaos in our garden. I need to research how to make some safe "cat-away" to keep them out. We are trying to grow catnip (for their own little garden) but aren't having much luck getting it to germinate.