Monday, August 3, 2009

Those Cats

I'm busy today, so I thought I'd just post a couple of pictures of those cats we trapped, had fixed, then released back into our yard. (Excuse the state of our deck; it needs a new coat of deck paint or stain.)

While the cats will still run from us if we get too close or move too quickly, they are spending more and more time cautiously watching us before they take off.

That's Pinky on the left, Stripey in the center, and Blacky
on the right. Pinky and Blacky are almost identical, but are
easily identified by the color of their noses.

Here's the mama cat sneaking in.
The kittens are getting big; they're almost as big as their mom.

Here Mama watches over her kittens.

After the kittens have eaten, she takes her turn at the food bowl.

And here's one of our indoor cats, Swiper,
who'd love to pounce on those kittens if she had the chance.


Frances said...

Those picks are adorable! I love kittens...and cats!

Frances said...

Oops!! That is supposed to be pics. LOL!