Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - I'm SO Tired Edition

Happy Monday to all.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I'm having a hard time waking up this morning, so if I fall asleep, the rest of you can just keep the conversation going without me.

We spent almost all of yesterday outside.  We did a quick egg hunt with Kat yesterday morning, then spent the rest of the day prepping and planting the garden.  We may be living on the edge a little, since we aren't past our "average last frost date" yet, but we'll take our chances.  It's early, so if the frost gets out little baby plants, we have time to plant again.  If not, then we're a week or two ahead of schedule.

I hope we aren't taking on more than we can handle in terms of gardening.  Shane keeps saying we wants to try growing this or that veggie that's wasn't on our list...and I admit I've added a couple of things, too.  Finally I had to put my foot down and say "no more".  I'll write a post later about all the thing we hope to be growing this season.

We ended up playing in the dirt for so long yesterday, that I didn't get bread baked or the chicken on the grill.  We decided to run to the store for bread and a few garden needs, like twine for the peas to climb and a couple of hanging pots for flowers.  Our Easter feast ended up being sandwiches from the Subway inside Wal-Mart.  We were so tired and hungry by then that we didn't mind.  Next time we have a full day of gardening or room-painting (hint to hubby) planned, I'm going to make sure we at least have some bread and bologna in the house to keep us fed.

There won't be time to grill that chicken today, either, but I'll make time to cut it up and bake the pieces in the oven.  I wrote a post about it (not really a recipe, but more just a method) a long time ago, but didn't get a picture taken, so I'll try to snap a photo and put that post up.  Also, later this week I have a really tasty meatless recipe that even meat-lovers will like.

Today is Kat's first day back to school after spring break and the first day of swim lessons for her at a somewhat-nearby community college.  We tried swim lessons here in town a couple of years ago, but they were a joke.  Hopefully this years Red Cross-endorsed lessons will do her more good.  I'd like for her to be a little more prepared for water fun before camping season begins.

Other than that, it promises to be a busy week of the same ol' same ol'.

What do you have planned for the week?


Sheila said...

Doesn't it feel good to have something to show for that tiredness though? I love working hard like that and having something I can look back on and say--I did that!!
Your garden sounds like it morphs just like ours--I had a few things I wanted to plant in a small area just to see if I could grow anything--we ended up with such a HUGE garden area--it was hard to take care of it all.
I wish my kids could swim--I almost drowned when I was about 5 so I am afraid I passed my fear of water onto them.
We will be working in the yard this week too--it's also what we did for the weekend--so much to do--so little time!

Leanne said...

I've been looking around for swimming lessons for Chloe too, for nearly a year now but I haven't heard good reports about the ones local to us. I may resort to having a go at teaching her myself, I can swim just not sure I'll be much cop as teacher:)

I can't wait to start getting the veg into the ground next week, carrots first I think and I've even opted for a stump rooted variety this year so that when I dig them up I can say "ah but they're supposed to look like that" and I'll be happy instead of trying to grow the perfect looking carrot. It's not like I'm entering them in a contest or anything;)

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: My mom was afraid of water, too. I think I'm the only one of us six kids who learned to swim. I'm not a strong swimmer, but I do well enough that I'm not afraid to be in a pool or lake.

Leanne: We are trying to grow carrots for the first time this year. Just for fun, we bought a packet of seeds for three different colors of carrots. Kat should enjoy that.

SonyaAnn said...

I'm so impressed with all of your planning! And if you do think that it is going to frost, throw some plastic bags over the plants and that should save them. I did it one year a few times just because I couldn't let summer go. It worked great and my neighbors got a good laugh. All of our plants were covered with Walmart bags!

Frances said...

What a productive day you had! Now I feel like I was so lazy yesterday. But it was my day off.....and a holiday...and Hubby went camping.....

This week, just work, work, work. I am already ready for it to be over.

McVal said...

That's so great she's taking swimming lessons! And you're so much more ambitious than me on gardening. I've got such a black thumb... Last summer I let the volunteer brocolli grow in, then forgot to harvest it when they got done... I should probably do something with my patch this year....

Annie Jones said...

SonyaAnn: We put buckets over our rhubarb one night a week or so ago. We also have sheets of translucent plastic to put over the garden beds if there's a threat of frost. I think the W-M would all blow away because our plant are still small.

McVal: I had a lot of fun with swim lessons when I was a kid. The ones we tried a couple of years ago were being "taught" by teenagers who worked at the pool. I'm sure they knew how to swim, but they sure didn't know how to teach. :(

Tug said...

Holy wow with the busy girl! Too awesome, and yeah, it's a great tired feeling. ;-)

I grew up across the street from a swimming pool, so I'm a fish. I started my daughter young, & really push her to get her kids in lessons - the 10 year old is a fish now, and we're working on the 4 year old.

Nothing new here...same ole, & I still owe you an e-mail. *sigh* Nothing personal, swear!

slugmama said...

I hope you've recovered by now from your gardening day. With my shoulder still not great we didn't get any yardwork done here while DH was off last week and the weather was nice. Oh well....
At least your tired was a good kind of tired and you have something to show for it, right?

I am all for swimming lessons for kids. Having grown up by the ocean it was understood that everyone learn to swim there. Just make sure if Kat takes lessons that she gets enough lessons to do her good. Nothing worse than halfassed lessons or only taking a few lessons because then the kids 'think' they know how to swim enough and that can get them into trouble in the water. Yep, better to stay away from the 'joke' lessons.

Daughter wants to take the Red Cross testing to get certified as a life guard this year...she figures she can get a better position at the summer camp where she works.

Annie Jones said...

Tug: I'm not a strong swimmer, but I used to love it as a kid. Now my idea of swimming is floating around in one of those mesh chairs that attach to pool noodles. It's strenuous, I know, but I try to take it easy.

Sluggy: We've told her that we won't camp or go fishing anymore until she takes some lessons. That helped get her over her apprehension. I'm planning on putting her in the May lessons, also, whether she advances or has to stay at the same level, then probably have her take more lessons next spring/summer.