Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I'd Rather See An RV In Our Neighbors' Driveway

This morning Slugmama posted about her neighbors' RV blocking her line of vision because it's parked in their driveway all year.

Here's what we've had to look at off our back deck, day in and day out, for the four years that we've lived here.  If you click on the photos, you'll have a better idea just how tall their "lawn" is.

The first three years we called codes on them numerous times and they mowed a couple of times each season. This year they mowed it once, despite our calls to our city councilman every few days. Seems the city is trying to get a warrant passed so that they can go on property without notice to mow after one failed attempt to get the homeowner to mow it themselves. That warrant hasn't come through and we don't expect any action to be taken this season.  Apparently the homeowner either pays the fines she gets or ignores them.

Some of you may remember that these are the same neighbors whose dog broke its lead and bit Shane severely on the arm a couple of years ago, and who didn't even come over and ask if he was ok or say that they were sorry.  They have been nothing but trouble for us since we bought our house.

The sad irony is that the woman's ex-husband runs a lawn service and her sons (who live next door with her) work for him.  They bring the pro mowing machines home with them and mow the front yard about once every 10 days, but won't bother to open the gate and mow the back.


slugmama said... maybe I'll keep my RV guy.LOLOL....sorry to laugh but I love the irony of the ex owning a lawn service.
Are you sure they aren't related to some one on the city council? Or is the city council lax with all complaints like this?

If I were you, I'd get some snake repellant cuz that yard is a snake breeding ground...yuck!
It sucks to have bad neighbors. Besides my RV guy my only neighbor complaint are the lawnmover freaks who make noise too early in the morning mowing when the lawn doesn't even need it yet. How am I suppose to get my beauty sleep?lol

Mary | Deep South Dish said...

Ha! Annie I'll take your sloppy neighbor and SlugMama's View Blocker and raise ya'll a a Front Yard Playset, Tent, Party Table and Throw in FOUR Supersized Garbage Bins just for good measure. Come by my 'My New 30' blog and check it out! It'll make you feel much better I guarantee.

Jill said...

That is so sad seeing someone not take pride in their home and yard.
I feel for you for sure! You would think they could do more to them for allowing it to get that way. I didn't know about the dog bite too. How awful! Hoping something gets better soon there.
Have a great weekend.

Lisa B. said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I'm the neighbor you all are complaining about!

The only time I have ever worried about what my neighbors did or did not do was if I thought it would affect my children. (the guy cookin meth in the leanto 8 feet from my yard). I lived in that home for 17 years before we moved here. I had neighbors all around. I learned real quick "my view" was limited to MY property. I had rv's, yards literally chest high, a garage door spray painted bitch across it that stayed that way for several weeks, swing sets out front, refrigerators right outside the garage door (in front) that was used for pop/beer, a permanent yard sale at another. You name it, I had it.

Once the meth started cookin', I sold out and moved to a place where now I can see my neighbors but there is 5 acres in between my house and theres. I'm the jackhole in the neighborhood now. Everyone around is retired and keeps their 5 acres manicured like a golf course. My hubby works 75 hours a week. I do everything around here BUT mow. I refuse to learn how to operate the zero turn mower that was bought, so our 5 acres gets a little shaggy every once in a while. Oh yeah... we have dandelions too! I refuse to pay for enough spray for five acres. It really irritates the neighbors. My seed blows to their yard! lol The dog run has to be hand chopped/weed eated and the chicken yard has gotten over 6' tall since I sold the chickens. Part of the roof blew off the chicken coop, tool shed, and machine shop.

I'm sure Mr Perfectionist to the right of me is having a shit conniption fit about right now.

Annie Jones said...

Sluggy: We actually think she may have an inside track with codes or the contracted mower for the often as not, when we've called on her, she'll have the kids mow the next day...before she could possibly have received the citation in the mail.

Mary: First of all, why haven't I looked at your "My New 30" blog before? I think I knew it existed, but hadn't clicked through to it. Second, your neighbors and mine would run a close race. Ours also have a car that's usually in pieces in their front yard and there are three or four large toys (a child's picnic table, etc.) leftover from their garage sale more than a year ago.

Jill: It is sad they don't take pride in their property. You can tell by looking at the front yard that the ex once had the lawn in beautiful condition. We didn't realize what it would be like when we moved in. It was springtime, so the yard didn't need mowed yet, and I don't think she'd been divorced long, so things weren't quite as bad as they are now.

Lisa B: When we lived in the country, we were far enough away from our neighbors that we didn't worry about what they did or didn't do. We had a whole different attitude about things there, and couldn't have cared less about the neighbors' property.
But in town where we are so close to our neighbors, we expect them to follow city ordinances like we do. They aren't unrealistic rules and are there for safety and sanitation reasons.

Really we aren't that hard to get along with...LOL! We'd never live in a neighborhood with a HOA that would prevent us from having clotheslines or dictate the color of our house or insist our house and shed match (ours don't yet...LOL!)

Our other next door neighbors parks their jet ski in the front yard all summer. Still another lets their dog bark night and day. But we don't complain about them because we know the jet ski works and will be moved back to the shed at the end of summer, and that the dog is just vocal, it's not being neglected or abused.

It's a sad situation when the yard at the foreclosure across the street gets mowed more often than the occupied house next door.

Anonymous said...

Hello, there! I'm here from Mary's blog. I actually had to do a double take, because that backyard looks like the one two doors down from me. The house between us did actually call the city this summer and they did mow it...and like your neighbors the always keep the front neat and trim. I don't complain about that particular neighbor because in the deep of winter he always digs us all out with his snow blower.

Sonya Ann said...

That's a bunch of crap. It's our neighbors across the street that are bad. They have the cops there all the time and are always trying to bring it to mine. But they are way better than the previous owners that were selling drugs and was arrested on gun charges.
And this is why I want to live in the middle of no where!