Colorado Trip - July 2011

More photos, in addition to those in my posts.

Most of these were taken with a camera that Shane borrowed from his sister and came out better than those from our own camera. There are a few at the end taken with our camera.

Pikes Peak:

Geocaching in Pulpit Rock Park (very near the in-laws' house):

A rock that looks like a pika.

Royal Gorge:

A shot straight down through the floor of the bridge.

Both pedestrians and vehicles cross this bridge -- at the same time and in both directions.

View from the sky tram.

Peaka Pika (Kat's stuffed pika) at the bottom of the Royal Gorge.

Double rainbow south of Colorado Springs.  Pic doesn't do it justice.  Lots of drivers pulled over to get pics.

A few more from my camera:

Maybe my favorite pic of the trip.  Love how Kat popped up in the corner.

Just a gift shop, yes...but it has a history...

Part of the original building.