Northwest Arkansas Trip Pics - May 2010

Our room in Bentonville.

Swimming at the hotel.

Trying out the hot tub.

Outside the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR.

Lobby of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.

A view from the upper balcony of the Crescent Hotel.
If you know where to look, there is a 100-foot tall 
observation tower on the horizon.

Downtown Eureka Springs.

Downtown Eureka Springs.
Basin Park Hotel (where we ate lunch) is in the background.

Artwork on the side of store.

A couple of guys playing bluegrass music.

Two guys, a girl and some southern rock music.

Lunch on the Basin Park Hotel balcony.

Lunch on the Basin Park Hotel balcony.

My awesome lunch.

Pretty stained glass and flower boxes.

Unique corner building in downtown Eureka Springs.

Two little girls selling big glasses of lemonade for 10¢.

The little wedding chapel where we were married ten years ago.

This was our honeymoon cabin ten years ago.

It's 100 feet to the top.

A view of the Crescent Hotel from the top of the observation tower.

War Eagle Mill south of Eureka Springs and Beaver Lake.

Working grain mill.

We didn't eat here, but there's a cute cafe on the third floor of the mill.

Kat in front of the water wheel.

Panning for crystals at War Eagle Cavern.

Swish, swish.


Inside Onyx Cave at Eureka Springs.

Elephant-shaped cave formation.

Onyx Cave.

Picnic in the park at Neosho, MO.

Lunch guests.

Playing in the stream.

Kat at the edge of the stream.