Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Garage Sale Showcase

Kat and I managed to squeeze in just a handful of garage sales this weekend as we were driving somewhere else. 

The only things I found for myself were a couple of those small round pill organizers for 25¢ each.  Shane and I use them when we travel. 

Kat found this porcelain doll in a case for $1.  The case has a broken latch, but the doll and clothing are in excellent condition.  Oops!  They were in excellent condition, but now the doll has a severe leg injury that Dr. Shane will have to repair when he gets home -- he's better at fine detail than I am.  The case looks old, but I don't think it is...the tag on the bottom has a bar code. 

She also got to fill a bag with junk toys for $1.  It chose a pretty nice doll in it that we think is BFC doll (same company that makes Bratz and Moxie Girls, but the BFCs are tastefully dressed and made-up).  She also chose a dream catcher to go over her bed, a stuffed cat and a red Star Wars light saber.  In order to keep these "new" toys, she agreed to put a few of her older toys into the thrift store donation bag.

Did you go to sales this week?  If so, what did you find?


Mark said...

Are you kidding me? I spend my days looking for stuff to get rid of. Don't tease me with your great yardsale finds. m.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

I was on a mission to find an aquarium for our new hermit crabs that I got talked into last weekend. I found one at my second sale of the day! $15 for a 10-gallon tank (I think) but it had a lid with a light. Not a great deal but it couldn't wait - I was really stressing over those crabs (the little cage we wasted money on in the pet store was too small!) I'm sure I will see cheap aquariums everywhere now but it was the only one I saw all day. It's one of those things I see occasionally, not all of the time.

I got four cookbooks (50 cents each plus a couple of freebie small recipe pamphlets), a pair of Merrells (50 cents), two pieces of Tupperware (25 cents each), a Matchbox haunted house (25 cents), a Christmas decoration (25 cents) and a couple of Little People with cars (20 cents - Dan was with me and picked those up). A puzzle for 25 cents. A partial pack of caps for a cap gun we already had - 25 cents and they supplied a surprising amount of entertainment (for the boys) and aggravation (for me - constant re-loading).

It was a frustrating week. It started off strong but then I drove far out of my way for a sale that turned out to be next week. Then I remembered the community sale far in another direction that I had just come from and went back but it was disappointing. I stopped at a weekly sale that last year I found stuff at all the time but this year his prices were ridiculous.

But I was happy that although I didn't get much, I made everyone happy and mostly bought stuff I was looking for. I did not need another pair of shoes but 50 cents for Merrells in a style I love (suitable for work) that looked as if they were never worn?

Lisa B. said...

I havn't been to one garage sale this year! That four letter word keeps me busy. W-O-R-K

I did run into two thrift stores last week in your area. Found two pair of capris for me and several shirts for my son.

I'm trying really hard not to buy any more "stuff". I'm like Mark. Trying to throw away junk. But I miss going to garage sales.

SonyaAnn said...

Good job on all the finds and thank you for posting them. It's my thing!