Monday, June 13, 2011


Grief, to me, is a very private emotion.  Even as a child I understood that I prefer to handle my grief in my own way, in my own time, and especially in my own space.

My mom passed away early this morning.  While she will be missed dearly, her death did not come as a surprise.  She had been bedridden for most of the last year and ill much longer than that.  I was prepared for her passing and actually can see it as a good thing, because for the last year she was in pain much of the time and in some degree of discomfort all of the time.

Prepared as I feel I am, there will still be grieving to do.  I'll be stepping away from the blog for the next several days...maybe a week or two.  I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and concerns, but I have turned off comments for this post so I may deal with my grief in my own way.  I am requesting that you also do not leave comments on my Facebook pages at this time because I do not know if everyone who needs to be told of my mom's passing has been notified yet.  I'll return when it feels right.

Thanks for your understanding and friendship.