Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Done Enough - Kat's Room Remodel

Alright, I'm tired of waiting to get all the little tiny details done on Kat's room.  I'm going to go ahead and post some pics.

Here's what the room looked like right after we first moved in back in 2006, when Kat was just three years old.  This was before she came to live with us, and it was to be a guest room, mostly for her, but for other guests as well. 

My daughter Jean, won the American Royal Children's Art Contest with that
funny above the bed back in the early 90s.

And this was the room in 2008, a little while after she moved in with us.  She was almost five when Shane built her loft bed.


Here is the room just before we started making some changes.

7yo girls think everything is a keepsake.

The little rocking chair was mine when I was a child.
Most definitely an antique by now.

If you're wondering, the lockers came from a job that Shane worked on at KU. 
He was able to buy them for just a few dollars each.

Holes in her closet door, actually made by the previous owners' kids.

And here is what her room looks like now.  Finishing touches are still needed, like some posters on the wall, and a corkboard attached to the entire end of the bank of lockers.  This room is on the west end of the house, so I bought one pink "block out" panel for each window, to help make the room darker at bedtime and to help keep it cooler.  One each works, but I think the windows will look better if I put two on them.

The loft bed was cut down to a platform bed just tall enough to slide the aqua and purple totes underneath.

The old white dresser was painted purple and the part of a desk that the chair slides under was cut off to make a small nightstand type dresser.

New door, sans holes.

This room is much more suited to a sophisticated 8yo girl, don't you think?


The Cookbook Junkie said...

Very nice! I am itching to decorate. Wish I knew where my permanent home was going to be.

Melynda said...

Great job! Those colors sound familiar, oh yes it is what my grand daugter says when asked what is her favorite color, pinkpurpleyellow!

Miranda said...

Wow! I love it. My boys would love to have lockers in their room... well, not purple... unless it is K-State purple. It really looks fantastic. You guys did a great job.

Mark said...

Love it! Since my Claire will be 8 next month too, I guess it's time that I re-do her bedroom. I love the idea of the mini-loft bed just high enough to store the junk under. Great idea! Thanks for sharing so that I can steal the idea. m.

McVal said...

What an adorable room! I'm always looking for lockers. What luck you found them so cheap!

SonyaAnn said...

AMAZING!!! Are you for hire?

Tug said...

Very cute, I love it! I'd love to get some colored chalkboard paint & do some lockers with that some day for the kiddos.

Dr. Alice said...

That's an outstanding job! The lavender on the lockers looks really good. I also love the storage under the bed.

Jill said...

Looks great! Really growing right along with her :-)

Have a great night!