Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Better Than Expected!

I recently hosted a NOVICA giveaway, and also received a gift certificate for myself.  While I'm not technically required to review the gift I chose, I wanted to share it with you anyway because I'm so pleased with it.

To begin, I ordered the gift on the same day I posted the giveaway, which was May 26.  I received an email on June 2 stating that my gift had shipped from Mexico and was guaranteed to arrive by Father's Day, June 19.  On June 6, I received a tracking number for Fed Ex, since the package had reached the US, stating it could take a couple days before I would see live tracking information.  I didn't even have a chance to track the package before it arrived at my door this morning.  The platter I ordered was wrapped in 3-4 layers of bubble wrap, then gift wrapped, then boxed; it arrived in perfect condition.  For shipping, NOVICA gets an A+.

The platter itself was much better than I had expected.  It was hard to tell in the photo on their website just how substantial and three-dimensional the platter really is.  It has 3 deep outer partitions for vegetables or chips and an inner partition for dip or salsa.  The apple pattern is beautiful and is textured in some areas.  For craftsmanship, NOVICA gets an A+ as well.

And although I didn't plan it, the yellow and orange colors in the platter go beautifully with the blown glass stemware I received from NOVICA in December.  For sheer luck, I get an A+.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my gift and with the service NOVICA provides.


Mark said...

Love it! It's good to hear about a great company these days. m.

SonyaAnn said...

Now invite me over and serve me a drink and food in your A+ dishes & glasses. That sounded a bit pushy but you get me!

Dmarie said...

so tickled for you! they have some lovely pieces and I too think the one you chose is A+!

Melynda said...

Very nice!

Jill said...

Very pretty! So wonderful to hear about great service!


Kat said...

That is a beautiful platter. Lucky you!

McVal said...

Good for you! and them... What a pretty platter and glass set!