Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Good News, Bad News Edition

Just a short post today.

The good news is that Shane got both a buck and a doe over the weekend, so our freezer is filling up quickly with venison. I'm happy to have the meat and also I'm happy for Shane. He hasn't hunted much. I think this is only his fourth time out and it's the first year he's had any luck. He may hunt again next weekend, or during the week this week if there are any no-work days.

The bad news is that there is something wrong with our computer. I am using one at the public library to make this post. Neither of us know much about fixing computers, so unless we can figure it out, or can get someone in to fix it at a reasonable price, we'll be without a computer for a while. Unlike the tires we just bought, a new computer is not a necessity and we won't buy one on credit.

So, it may be just a few days before I'm able to post daily, or it may be quite a while. I can spend an hour a day on a library computer, but I won't be coming in here daily. Probably two or three times a week is all. I'll try to keep my posts short so I have time to get around to some of your blogs.

That's it for today. I'll be back when I can. Have a good week.


McVal said...

I'm so sorry about your computer! I hope you can figure it out soon. You have wonderful recipes!!! and I'm looking for inspiration for Thanksgiving dinner...
Have a great week!

slugmama said...

Here's hoping your computer fix is a quick one and cheap too!lol

Frances said...

Sorry you are having computer problems. I hope you get up and running soon.

Congrats to Shane on the hunting success!