Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick Post

Another quick update, which is to say, not an update at all. We haven't even taken time to look at our computer to see if I can get it running again.

We spent Monday evening finishing up with the deer meat, and last night we took a break and watched the new Karate Kid movie.
We froze 70 pounds of meat, which included about 10 pounds of what I'm calling "cat scrap", the tough and tendon-y pieces that we didn't want to cook and didn't need to grind into burger. So let's say 60 pounds of suitable for human consumption meat at a total cost of $28 for tags and ammo. That's not bad at all, and we probably could have gained another five pounds of meat had we been diligent. Instead, we got tired and decided to dump the carcass in a field and feed the coyotes.

Despite feeling we could have got more meat from the bones, it's my understanding that some hunters take only the choicest cuts, like the backstrap, and leave the rest for the wild dogs and cats out there. And of course, some hunters just want the rack as a trophy. To me, that's just wrong, but I won't get into that right now.

Shane is going hunting again on Saturday, so our meat total may increase.

Tomorrow is Shane's birthday.  I'll be cooking a special meal for him (yes, it will include venison) and baking a rum cake for him.  We plan to go out to eat on Sunday to celebrate as well.

I will try to be back here before Thanksgiving.  Hope all of you have a nice weekend.


The Cookbook Junkie said...

That is a deal since you butchered it yourself. My husband's last deer cost $192 from the butcher. It wasn't a monster deer, probably just an average doe. That included quite of bit of bologna and I'm not sure if he got any jerky this time.

I could buy a lot of meat that I actually like for $192 but it's not my concern anymore.

Frances said...

I think that is a great meat haul! Good for Shane. Hope he has a wonderful birthday and bags another deer on Saturday.

If you are not here before, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sam said...

I think the best thing my dad taught himself & my brothers how to do was properly butcher a deer. Its amazing how much the processing places charge for it! The guys got 2 this weekend as well. Got to love some fresh venison!

Happy Birthday to Shane :) And good luck hunting this weekend! Where does he go? My dad/brothers go out to Pettis county. They seem to like it there.

Melynda said...

Happy B'day to the Hubs, and good job on the meat. Busy, busy, busy! Enjoy your weekend.

Alea said...

That is an amazing amount of meat to have in the freezer!

I hope Shane has a great birthday!

McVal said...

Yum! That is a bargain!!!