Friday, July 2, 2010

Red, White and Blue...And All Other Colors, Too

If you are in the home improvement mood (which around here is always) and need paint, the next few days are the days to buy it. 

Home Depot is offering mail-in or on-line rebates on most of their Behr and Glidden paints and Flood exterior stains and cleaners in 1-gallon ($5 rebates) and 5-gallon ($20 rebates) sizes.  As far as I can tell, there is no limit on how many you can get.  Paints must be purchased between 6/24/10 and 7/5/10, to qualify.  More details are HERE.

Lowe's is offering a similar rebate offer on select Valspar brand paint and Olympic Stains bought between 6/30/10 and 7/5/10. No limits. Looks like this one is mail-in only, but you can track it on-line.  Details are HERE.

Ace Hardware, too, has a rebate offer on their Royal brand paint.  Purchases must be made 7/2/10 through 7/5/10 and can qualify for a $5 rebate on 1-gallon cans or a $25 rebate on 5-gallon cans.  Limit 10.  Mail-in, or Ace Rewards members can submit on-line.  Details are HERE.

We bought a couple of gallons for Kat's upcoming room redecoration and I've already submitted the rebates on-line.  We told her that just because we bought the paint, it doesn't mean we'll be getting around to painting her bedroom any time soon.  We made that very clear to her.

Yep...clear as mud.


July Grocery/Pantry Challenge:

Items Purchased Today (store brand unless indicated):  None.

Amount Spent Today (including tax): $0.00

Amount Spent To Date in July (including tax): $27.40

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slugmama said...

Oh, I see painting duty in your very near future....unless Kat has not developed the 'guilting' gene

Lisa B. said...

I sense it was clear to you but not to Kat? lol

If I bought paint for my kiddos room and then told him he had to wait he would drive me nuts!!! The only reason why I havnt bought it yet is because he wants his walls red. I want them a light grey and all his accents red. Red is soooooo HARD to get to cover.