Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy Day

I don't have much of a post for you today. I spent the morning shopping for groceries and Kat's birthday gift, and I need to spend the afternoon working in the garden.

A few of you seem interested in hearing about my self-imposed pantry challenge for July. I promise I'm not going to run it into the ground, but I will mention it throughout the month. My goal is to buy little from the store and use much from my pantry and freezer.

I think I'll just tack a running total at the end of my daily posts, and then maybe once a week or so, I'll tell you what we've been eating just so you know I'm making real meals and not forcing my family to live off ramen noodles just to bring my totals down. Although Kat would probably eat ramen noodles every day for lunch if I would let her.


July Grocery/Pantry Challenge:

Items Purchased Today (store brand unless indicated): 2 dozen eggs from local farm, 1 gal. whole milk, 16 oz. sour cream, 4 lb. sugar, 1 qt. Miracle Whip, 1 qt. Kraft Mayo, 1 pkg. hot dog buns, 1 pkg. burger buns, 1 jar sweet relish, 2 bags tortilla chips, 4-oz. can green chiles, 1 large box Cheez-Its crackers, 1 box Keebler Club crackers, 2.5 lbs. red grapes, 1 cantaloupe, 1 bunch green onions, 3 Roma tomatoes

Amount Spent Today (including tax):

Amount Spent To Date in July (including tax):

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Frances said...

I know you will do great in your pantry challenge! Have a great day!

slugmama said...

I start the eat from your stockpile challenge often.
But like a cat, something shiny catches my eye at the store(like clearanced ground beef or chicken or cheap cheese)and my plans go out the
Seems like as soon as I make room in the freezer/garage pile I find a deal to fill it back up.
I know that's a good thing but I seriously need to stay out of the store to succeed at one of these.

I'll be cheering you on from PA.

Annie Jones said...

Frances: Thanks. :) I think the challenging part will be working in the garden veggies as they ripen. I can't really plan any of those.

Sluggy: My favorite cheerleader! :) It's hard for me to pass up the mark-down meats, too, but if I don't do a pantry/freezer challenge once in a while, where would I put my bargains?

Lisa B. said...

I think I will track mine (grocery spending) this month, you know, reevaluate and see if I'm really staying close to it. Today is the first of July, wish me luck!

Do you include pet food in your grocery budget?

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love your grocery post!

I usually buy the store brand milk too. If you know the codes on them, they are usually bottled by the same dairy.

Hope your cantalope is better than the one I chose. I had to throw the whole thing out! Makes me mad.

As for the ramen noodles, Kat must be related to my youngest grandson. He LOVES those things.

Annie Jones said...

Lisa B: My grocery category is just human food bought to cook at home. Restaurant food, pet food, health and beauty aids and cleaning products all come out of other categories of my budget.

Osage Bluff Quilter: The last cantaloupe I bought was huge and actually pretty good, but the store ad said it was supposed to have been honeydew instead. LOL!

McVal said...

You go girl! We've been living off pantry/freezer food for the last week... I'm so glad yesterday was payday! Looking forward to seeing the inside of a grocery store tomorrow...

Alea said...

I have only done one pantry month, although I occasionally do a pantry week here and there. I always enjoy finding new ways to stretch food and save money, so I look forward to reading more on this subject.