Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Call That A Bargain

We went to a benefit plant sale this morning at a local nursery and pumpkin farm. They are getting ready for a two-week summer shutdown and were selling as many annuals, vegetables and few perennials as you could load onto one of their carts for a $5.00 donation to a local boys' home. All of these plants for just $5.00!

We estimated there are 200 to 250 individual plants there, so that amounts to less than 3¢ each! We have a few perennial grasses there, some herbs, some peppers, some cabbage and a lot of annual flowers and accent plants. We'll be sharing them with Shane's mom and step-dad when we go to dinner at their house tonight.

As it turned out, Shane didn't have to work this weekend after all.  Well, technically, he was supposed to have worked today, but his foreman (who most certainly knew about it last night), didn't bother to call and tell Shane until 4:45 this morning!  Shane just cursed , turned the phone off and went back to bed.  I'm sure he would have worked if the boss had called last night, but there was no way he was going to work on notice that short.

Since Shane was home, we were able to celebrate Kat's birthday today, and now she's off to spend the weekend with her mom.  I'll write more about what we did in tomorrow's post.


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Lisa B. said...

WOW! That is a great deal on the plants. Where was that?

Annie Jones said...

It was at Johnson Farms near 58 Hwy. and County Rd. D (aka Holmes) just west of Belton. It ran Thursday, Friday and today, but I didn't see the ad until late yesterday, so there wasn't a lot left by the time we got there this morning.

I get the impression that it may be an annual event, so I'm going to try to watch for it again next summer.

slugmama said...
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slugmama said...

Well we can guess where you'll be & what you'll be doing the next couple of days....time to break out the dorky hats....woohoo!!

Sheila said...

Wow--you always find all the good deals. Glad Shane was off to celebrate with Kat.

Annie Jones said...

Sluggy: The dorky hats have been donned!

Sheila: It's turning out to be a pretty good holiday weekend after all. :)