Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat: Feels Like A Sunday Edition

With Shane home for his "observed" Independence Day holiday, it feels more like another Sunday than a Monday.  Then the rest of the week will zoom by, since it will seem like it's a day short.

We're sticking close to home today.  Shane is on the roof, between rain showers, caulking a small leak around our skylight.  I've been sticking to my normal Monday morning routine, which, among other things, includes updating the checkbook, paying bills online and changing the bed linens.  Spellbinding, I know.

Later today we might watch a Redbox movie (The Blind Side) that we picked up for last night and didn't have time to watch.  Kat will be home from her mom's sometime this afternoon, and I'm planning on making breakfast for supper tonight.

What do you have cookin' this week?  Last week got away from me before I could post any recipes, so I'll be doing that this week.  Also, I've heard talk that there might be a giveaway here later this week sometime.  Stay tuned...


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Frances said...

We really liked Blind Side. It is a good movie. Have a great day, today!

Joan said...

I bought "The Blind Side" several weeks ago and have not watched it yet.

We are having a very similar Monday/Sunday.

Have a good week!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

The blind side is good. We saw a documentary on the real people. such a nice family.

Sheila said...

Yep, feels like Sunday here too because K is still off--he doesn't go back to work until Wednesday. We have been working on the house--finally got my shelves and things hung on the walls. I'm not sure about meals here this week. I have 2 freezers full and a pantry full so I have no excuse to not cook--except that I don't feel like cooking!! I've got some cabbage and carrots I need to use so maybe some loose cabbage rolls tonight with cheesy bread.

slugmama said...

I guess now I am the last person on the planet who has NOT seen The Blind Side...ok, I stand corrected--me AND
My day was likewise fascinating fascinating I can't find the words to describe it besides to say it was fascinating.*sarcastic lolol*

You had me at Giveaway.....

Annie Jones said...

Frances: It was good, but I have to say, we were confused. Something glitchy happened when we put the disc in the DVD player and it started in the middle, only we couldn't tell it was the middle. So we watched the second half first, then the (more interesting) first half second. LOL! We also weren't certain until the end of the movie that we were watching Tim McGraw. Somehow we didn't know he was in it.

Joan: I hope you had as relaxing a day as we did. :)

OBQuilter: I think they must have been a very special family, too.

Sheila: Have you posted the recipe for the cabbage rolls? I'll have to go look for it.

Sluggy: You and Joan will have to get together and watch it. It was pretty good. :)