Saturday, March 6, 2010

Get A Load Of This, Too!

If you have the kind of connections we do*, then ten bucks will get you a truckload of manure.  Good food for the garden soil.

The guy even loaded it in with his tractor and packed it down for us. What a deal!

*we found it on a craigslist ad


Sheila said...

We could use some of that over this way too. We want to order a whole dump truck of top soil to put around our trees--seems to be the thing to do around here!! Hope y'all are warming up over there---we got to 60 today and it felt wonderful.

Annie Jones said...

Yes, Sheila, the weather was great today. We reached the lower 60s, and that was with cloud cover most of the day. No telling how warm it might have been if there'd been sunshine. I'm loving it!

slugmama said...

I always knew you were full of thought I was going to say the other horse word, didn't ya?lol
Nice deal on the manure....I'll have to give craigslist a go for some here. The nursey center is ridiculous. Too bad I can't use all the dogsh** from my 3 poop

Annie Jones said...

I agree. We have three cats and it would be nice to get a return on our investment. Too bad cat poop is a "no go"...:P

Frances said...

Wow, that is a load of....manure.

What a bargain! Not one I would want, but a bargain nonetheless.

Annie Jones said...

Well, you know us. We can't pass up a good deal.