Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Far, So Good

The first week of March is over and I did a better job of keeping within our current $40/week grocery budget and limiting purchases to only things we needed .

Needed:  5 lb. white whole wheat flour, 5 lb. sugar (yes, Aldi still sells it in 5 lb. bags), 1 gallon milk, 6-pk. yogurt, 1 pkg. burger buns and 2 cans whack biscuits (you know, the kind in a can that you whack on the counter to open). I usually make buns and biscuits from scratch, but this time went with the store-bought versions because they were softer and easier for Shane to eat; he's still having a hard time from his oral surgery.

Not needed (yet):  1 pint rice vinegar, 1 pint oyster sauce, 1 huge canister of instant chicken bouillon (I use it to boost the flavor of homemade stock).  I was in a part of the city that has several Asian markets, so I bought these things.  They are much cheaper than in the grocery store and I have no idea when I'll be back in that part of town.

Total spent for food - $24.81.

And just for fun, I'd thought I'd add these categories, although they aren't part of our grocery budget:

Health/Beauty - 4 Rx from the dentist (initial 2, then refills) and a jar of Carmex, all for Shane - $10.46
Paper products, cleaning/laundry supplies - 0.00
Cat food/litter - 0.00


Cathy said...

I was wondering how you bought toilet paper, soap, etc on that budget. Thanks for clarifying that. I am not anywhere close to your budget but I don't feel as bad now. I would be interested to know how much you spend in other categories. Also, do you buy a lot of fresh produce? Do most people that post their grocery budget not include the other things like healthy/beauty, eating out, etc.? I am trying to learn. Thanks.

SonyaAnn said...

Cyber clapping!!!! You did so good!
And we use whack biscuits too!

Annie Jones said...

Cathy: Thanks for your questions. I'll write more about budget later this week.

SonyaAnn: Biscuits are just good, no matter where they come from...LOL!

slugmama said...

"whack biscuits"

The kids sometimes say my biscuits are whack but I don't think they mean it your way....unfortunately.hehehe

I'm going to have to steal this term.

Annie Jones said...

Go right ahead. I stole it from someone myself years ago...I can't even remember who it was now.

Frances said...

Great job, Annie Jones. I never get out of the store for that cheap. And I am CHEAP! LOL!

Annie Jones said...

It helps to post about it (keeps me accountable). It also helps that our freezer and pantry are VERY full right now.