Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garden Start-Up

A week ago Sunday, Shane started prepping for our garden by planting seeds in starter pots.  He found all these "Jiffy Pots" for pennies on the dollar at the end of gardening season last year, so all we had to buy was some potting soil and some seeds. We had some seeds left from 2009 and have planted those first.  Some are germinating, some aren't, but that's fine.  It's still early and we have time to buy 2010 seeds if needed.

We have limited southern exposure in our house, with our sliding glass doors being the only ideal location for seed starting.  We brought a bakers' rack up from the basement (free from Craigslist, with the intention of being used as a mini-kitchen in that room Shane's finishing downstairs) and put it in front of the doors.  It's a little crowded in our kitchen/dining area, but it's only temporary and will be worth the inconvenience now once we start eating those fresh veggies later.

While the seeds are germinating, we still have some things for early planting outside.  Last weekend's snow delayed that a bit, but maybe we'll get our rhubarb plants and spring-planting garlic into the ground this week.  I also bought four blueberry starts yesterday at Sam's Club.  We need to decide where to plant the berries, and get them planted soon, too. (Also, I was proud of myself, because I looked around the store for more than an hour while waiting for the new tires to be put on the van, and these blueberry plants were the only things I bought.) 

Here are a few photos:

Day 1: Bakers' rack loaded up with Jiffy Pots.

Day 1:  Newly planted Jiffy Pots.

Day 10:  Cucumbers in the foreground, 2 kinds of marigolds in the background.

Day 10:  Some of the Swiss chard has germinated.

Day 10:  A solo zucchini.

Day 10:  Looking eagerly out the door.


Jackie said...

Your plants are looking great. I don't have any southern exposure so starting seeds indoors never works for me. I'm looking forward to digging in the dirt soon though.


Annie Jones said...

Jackie: We will plant some things directly into the ground: lettuce, radishes, onions, etc. Also, if some of our seeds don't grow well, we will probably buy bedding plants to replace them. We just didn't want to put out the money yet, since seeds are much less expensive.

Sheila said...

Your seedlings look really nice. I don't have any place to start them indoors either but I try any way--really need to get a start on them this week too. Kevin has tilled our garden area twice already--I think he is ready for planting too!! I usually end up buying a few plants too of the things that didn't come up or things I can't find seeds for.

Frances said...

That baker's rack made and EXCELLENT home for your starting plants. What a great idea!

SonyaAnn said...

I wish that I could do this. Do you remember the mess that I made last year? I suck!!!

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

look at your cute little plants! I love spring! The sign of little plants growing makes all those winter blues go away :) I love it!

McVal said...

Wow! I'm so jealous! I attempted last year and almost everything was dead by the time I wanted to transplant... It's not too late to start tho is it? I'm only 10-11 days behind?

Doug Robertson said...


slugmama said...

Oh this reminds me that I need to get off my hiney and get my seeds ordered!
Those cukes need to go in the ground soon or at least in bigger pots....getting a bit lanky there.lol

The baker's rack is a fabulous solution!

Diane said...

The bakers rack looks great with all the seedlings on it. Wish I had something like that. Looks like it was made for the job.

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: We figure we can't lose much if the seeds don't grow and we have to buy bedding plants. The only thing we were really adamant about trying to start from seeds are cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. During last fall's planting we bought bedding plants, $4 a piece (the cheapest we could find). We spent $16 on those and all we got out of them was 1 broccoli and 2 little cabbages. :(

Frances: Thank you...that one was MY idea. ;)

McVal: It's still early and you're north of here a little, so I think you still have time.

Doug: Thank you. I hope they stay alive.

Sluggy: I was thinking the same thing about those cucumbers. Time to make some of those starter pots out of newspapers.

Diane: Thanks. It actually doesn't look too bad in there.