Monday, March 22, 2010

Stocking Up On Gifts

I did a little Christmas shopping this morning, yes I did. No sense waiting until the last minute.

I paired up some of Target's current sales with the Hasbro coupons from yesterday's paper and some printable coupons and got a boatload of stuff for Kat, most of which will be future gifts.

Here's what I got:

Monopoly board game: Sale Price $7 - $5 off Hasbro coupon = $2 (Christmas)
Connect 4 game: Sale price $7 - $4 off Hasbro coupon = $3 (Birthday)
Bop-It game: $15 - $5 Hasbro coupon = $10 (Christmas)
My Little Pony singles: - $5 each x 2 = $10 - BOGO Hasbro coupon = 2 for $5 (Christmas or Birthday, not sure yet)
Beach Towel: $2.50 - $2 Target coupon = 50¢ (Easter basket)
Hanes Girls Panties, 9 pk - $7 - $1 Target coupon = $6 (because she needs them)

The total was $29.02, including tax. That's a lotta loot for less than $30!

Now I just have to figure out where the heck I'm going to hide it all...


Frances said...

Excellent deals!

Annie Jones said...

I thought so, too. My receipt shows that it would have been $62 without the sale prices and coupons. Not to mention, I hate toy shopping; this made it a lot more pleasant. :)

McVal said...

Good deal!!! Hmmm.. garage attic?

slugmama said...

if your daughter is old enough to read, put it all in a box marked "Peas" or something and put it in the pantry on a high self. Kids wouldn't look in a box with veggies in

When I was a kid, we had an old little scotty travel trailer. My father use to use it in the off season to study(he went to college at night when I was little). We were forbidden under pain of death to go in the trailer...and if you knew my father, you seriously believed you would be killed if you disobeyed. It made the perfect 'santa' hiding place as a

Leanne said...

Brilliant deals. I've been keeping an eye out for Christmas present ideas, but so far I haven't seen much apart from little stocking filler type things. I'll have to get a wiggle on because I too hate toy shopping, especially after about September.

A.Marie said...

Great job on your great shopping trip! If you find a good place to hide them, let me know...I'm still looking for a good hiding place! :)

SonyaAnn said...

Yay, for you!!! Good job. But preshopping is kind of my thing!
How about under your bed?

Annie Jones said...

McVal: Garage attic has other Christmas things (tree, decorations) and plenty of other stuff. What it doesn't have is any room left. :(

Sluggy: You gave me a chuckle at first because my daughter is 26 and an avid reader. (Kat's my granddaughter, but unless you search around on the blog, you wouldn't necessarily know that.) But your suggestion is sound. She's just beginning to read and she hates peas! :)

A.Marie: For now, they are in the top of my closet, somewhat obscured by my boots. Kat would have to be looking for them intentionally to spot them. Only problem is there isn't room for anything else I might find, so this spot is probably temporary.

SonyaAnn: Sorry to step on your pre-shopping toes! ;) My underbed is getting full, too. We have our bed on risers and have those flat Rubbermaid totes under there. Mine are filled with fabric and some off-season clothing. Shane's are filled with junk. LOL!

slugmama said...

Granddaughter eh? So
If she hates peas Kat is my kind of kid!
sluggy-pea hater

Annie Jones said...

Sluggy: Yes, I'm rather outnumbered here at home because I'm the only one who likes them...although Shane and Kat have to at least taste them every time I make them. House rules...:)