Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All About Kat

Lately, Kat has been asking me to take pictures of her...or her creations...and "put them online".  I'm not sure if she understands, exactly, what online is, but she wants them on the computer one way or another.

Also lately, there seems to be a little confusion among at least a couple of my newer readers (and maybe the long-timers, too) about just who Kat is.  I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and write a post all about Kat.

Kat is my granddaughter and Shane's step-granddaughter.  Her mother is my daughter Jean (not her real name, of course).  Kat has lived with us full-time since Easter of 2007, and by mutual agreement with Jean, legal guardianship was transferred us a few months ago.  This allows us to enroll her in school, seek medical care for her, and to insure her.  Kat spends time with her mom and step-dad (I haven't come up with a pseudonym for him yet) every other weekend and sometimes in between.

Kat is six years old and will tell anyone who will listen that her birthday is on the Fourth of July.  She is currently wrapping up first grade where she loves music, but hates P.E.  She has recently become a reader, so now I have to watch what I write because she can read this blog over my shoulder.  In the past month or so, she lost her first two baby teeth, which earned her some much needed spending money (garage sales are coming up, you know).

Kat's favorite TV shows are Dirty Jobs,  How It's Made and America's Funniest Home Videos, but she also likes almost all cartoons.  Her favorite books are Junie B. Jones and Skippyjon Jones, although she's not related to either of them.

Kat loves cats.  She wouldn't be a part of this family if she didn't.  Here is a picture of her with our youngest cat, Swiper.

She also likes horses. Here is a horse and carriage she made with Legos.

Here is a kitchen she made with Legos, too.

Here she is swinging upside down...

and another shot of her on top of her fort that Pepaw (Shane) built.

Once in a while, she stops playing and does a little work. Here she is helping to build a garden bed.

So now you know all about Kat!  Stay're sure to see more of her soon.


Sheila said...

Nice to hear about Kat--I kind of read between the lines and figured out she was your granddaughter. I love that you are such a good grandmother that you would have her full time. Lord knows--my mom wouldn't do that for my kids. She is a very cute girl--talented too from the looks of the Legos--I never could make anything with them.

Frances said...

Kat is just adorable and so talented! It was great to read about her!

SonyaAnn said...

She is perfect! You and Shane are both very impressive! You are a wonderful person all the way around. Awwwww, I wike you!

Leanne said...

Kat really is a wee darling, though I won't be mentioning this post to my mum or she'll get ideas:)

You can post Kat's artwork in the flickr group for Artful Kids and they pick featured artists from the pool.

McVal said...

Up until I met you, I thought she was your daughter! What a beautiful little girl she is. and so lucky to have a grandma like you!

slugmama said...

I've been reading for awhile and have got back into the earlier posts but I thought Kat was your daughter, along with an older 'other daughter'. I thought you had grown kids and then figured you and Shane had a 'late' baby...that whole change of life/menopause thing....ok, call me wacky and I have an active fantasy life.lolol
Nice to know the real story now and I can shut off the imagination factory known as my brain. ;-)
Kat is a cutie-patootie no matter!

Annie Jones said...

Thanks, ladies. :)

SonyaAnn: What we are is tired!

Slugmama: It IS like having one older child and one younger. Which is exactly what my sister did...her kids are 19 years apart, and have caused her to claim she doesn't want grandkids...LOL!