Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekly Menu - June 28 through July 4

I had a tiny post scheduled for Friday, with this photo of a cucumber blossom in it, but for some reason Blogger just left it sitting in queue, marked as "scheduled". Oh well.

Yesterday we had Kat's birthday celebration, a week early. I'll try to post some photos later. She'll be having another party with her mom on July 4th, which is her actual birthday, while Shane and I go on a quick camping trip by ourselves.

This week's menu is short and sweet. Most of the side dishes will be determined day by day.

Sunday, 6/28 - Ginger Ale Meatballs over Rice

Last week's recipe for Ginger Ale Meatballs made a lot. We have plenty leftover for a second meal.
Monday, 6/29 - Tourtiere Burgers on Buns

Tuesday, 6/30
- Chicken Azteca

Wednesday, 7/1
- Fried Catfish, Tater Tots

Thursday, 7/2
- Miscellaneous Leftovers

If no leftovers, we might have egg salad sandwiches or something similar.
Friday, 7/3 - Camping (not sure yet what we'll have)

Saturday, 7/4
- Camping (not sure yet what we'll have)

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A.Marie said...

What a cute cucumber are so lucky to even have a blossom; my poor lonely cucumber plant HAD a blossom, but I'm not sure what happened. I went out to check on it, and the blossom is gone! (I have a very sneaky suspicion that the dreaded japanese beetle has returned! :}