Thursday, June 25, 2009

It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

And it never will be, anyway.

I guess I'm something of a perfectionist about certain things, but I'm trying to teach myself that not everything has to be perfect and that perfection is not really a goal that can be achieved.

Simple case in point: We have wood laminate flooring in our kitchen and dining area. No matter what cleaners I use, if I get down on my hands and knees with either paper towels or a cloth diaper, it comes out shiny and streak-free. On the other hand, no matter what cleaner I use, if I use any kind of mop on a stick, the floor's clean, but has a dull streaky haze.

Now, I really don't like that dull streak haze, so I've been cleaning the floor by hand for three years. I tell myself it's good exercise, and it is, but it also takes me about 30 minutes to do my floor. Right now, I don't want to spend 30 minutes on my floor several times a week, keeping up with our treks to and from the garden.

So, today I went out and bought the Mr. Clean brand of those Swiffer-type mops. The kind with the changeable microfiber cloth cover (I definitely don't want any disposables). Just as I expected, the floor is has streaks, but it's clean and it took me less than ten minutes to do.

It's far from perfect, but right now, it has to be good enough.

Maybe I need to take time to consider whether "good enough" can be good enough when it comes to some other areas of my daily and weekly routines well.

What do you do in your life that less than perfect, but still "good enough"? Do tell.


Kimberly said...

I totally related to your post. I am a self proclaimed neat freak whose cleaning standards are pretty high. I tend to take cleaning so seriously that I have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning schedules. It is bordering on obessive.

I am also a newlywed with a husband who likes things to be clean but isn't as strigent with his standards. I am learning that good enough means - he rinses out the sink after he shaves, while I would rinse it out, spray it with cleaner, and scrub it. Good enough is getting the laundry folded and into a basket even if it takes another two days to put away. And like you, good enough is getting my floors cleaned in 10 minutes with my own Mr. Clean mop, rather than the handscrubbing I would like to do.

Annie Jones said...

Thanks for your visit and comment. I too chore lists - daily, weekly and monthly. I add the quarterly or semi-annually chores to my monthly list as they come up.

I agree that it's borderline OCD, but then there are other things that I'm not particular about at all. I guess I pick and choose what I obsess about. :)

I took a quick look at your blogs. I'll be back around soon!

SonyaAnn said...

Sweetie, I get ya. I try to let things go but the imperfections run like a loop in my head and I end up going back and fixing it. Some would call this OCD. We should have shirts made. I use 50% vinegar and 50% water in a spray bottle and then a mop made for hard wood and laminate floors. I spray and scrub when I clean at my in laws. It only smells like a pickle for a little bit! I would try the vinegar spray with your new mop and see what happens.

Sarah said...

I actually went & bought a Clorox Ready Mop because the way the bottles are designed, I can refil with my own cleaner :) It uses disposable pads, but I just use a microfiber cloth or a cloth diaper, and toss it in the wash when I am done. It does a great job on my wood & tile floors!

Tug said...

OMG floors are the WORST. I used to spot spray, then toothbrush or scrub brush the spots, then vinegar & water, then the 'shine' stuff you buy - 4 steps alone for my floors. UGH. I did that every it's down to once a month or so ;-). Still clean them at least weekly though.

Lisa B. said...

I used to be so much more disciplined and strict on my standards for cleaning my home. I learned that there is more to life (such as all my flower gardens, vegetable gardens, koi ponds) than me being on my hands and knees doing my floors. I also learned that the less I hang on my walls the less I have to dust. Now I have no "Home Interior arrangements" on my walls. lol All the little accessories to the pictures were a pita for me to keep clean once we moved to a gravel road.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

We just had a big cookout and I cleaned and repaired as much as I could but in the end, I just couldn't get it all done and I accepted that even though it bothered me.

Thank God I scrubbed the tub and shower though because after the party I went into the bathroom (for the first time since that morning) and the tub door and curtain were wide open and the mats were sitting on the hamper. I was going to finish off the bathroom after DH took a shower but I never did. That is our only bathroom and all day long people were in and out of there and my tub and shower is just opposite the door.

I use a shark steam mop on my vinyl floors. I love it.