Monday, June 29, 2009

Kat's Birthday

I've mentioned that Kat's birthday is on the 4th of July. Her mom's (my daughter's) birthday is sometimes on Labor Day. While holiday birthdays sound like fun, I've learned it's hard to find friends -- especially when they're young -- to attend a party because they usually have other family plans.

It's not unusual for us to celebrate Kat's birthday the weekend before the 4th. This year we invited two of her cousins and two friends from school to go with us to have lunch at the Crayola Cafe and to play in the Crown Center Fountains, then come back home for cupcakes and ice cream.

Here are some photos of Saturday's fun.


Frances said...

What fun!!

Tug said...

Those look like awesome places - and it looks like they had a blast!! Happy Birthday Kat. ;-)