Wednesday, March 18, 2009

$1 Splurges

Cute recipe cards.
Package of 30.
$1 each.

Matching weekly meal planners.
60 sheets per pad with magnet on back.
$1 each.

Easter basket goodies.
Slide puzzle and tiny memo pad with pen.
$1 each.

All available at Michael's.


Janelle said...

I may have to go there - I really NEED some recipe cards!!!! Thanks for the tip! :)

Tug said...

I LOVE that store! I got my yearly calendars there for 60 cents each, and it was just barely into January. Hobby Lobby usually has pretty good sales, too.

Leanne said...

Seriously, only $1. I wish we had stores like that here. I'm struggling to find good party bag fillers that don't cost a fortune at the minute and those little puzzles would have been perfect.

Oh well, the search continues. At this rate I'm just going to fill the bags with sweets:)

Leanne said...

And then, then I have to go and look at their website. I am a glutton for punishment.