Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Food Service Film

When I worked for a catering company several years ago, I got hooked on food service film wrap. This stuff is great. Its 18-inch width easily covers almost any dish or pan I have, including half-sheet pans and hotel (steam table) pans. Its 3000-ft. length means I won’t soon run out.

(why yes, those are Halloween treats in the background;
I've been strategically holding onto this post until just the right time)

One roll this size costs about $16 at the warehouse clubs and will last, on average, for more than three years of generous use. And I do mean generous; I’m not frugal with this stuff. I have learned from catering that wrapping once over the top of the bowl is just not enough, especially if the dish will be transported or frozen. I don’t transport much food, but I do freeze a lot of food, both raw and cooked. I pull out a length of film, set my dish in the middle, then bring the film over to the top. I double-wrap everything that will be transported or frozen when I use this film, .

The food service film clings to dishes and pans (and itself) without fail. A lot of small-roll plastic wraps I’ve tried just don’t stick and end up being a waste of money.

The one drawback is finding a place to store such a big roll. Before we moved to this house, I had to keep it on top of the fridge. It wasn’t very attractive, but I was willing to pay that price to have it handy. Here, we just happen to have a cabinet that’s ideal for keeping it handy, yet out view.

A tip for using this film: Some boxes come with a slide-across cutter. If yours doesn't, pull out the length of film you need, grasp the film at both sides near the cutting blade, then pull down and toward the center with both hands. Works like a charm.

Food service film works for me.


Amy said...

great idea! I will be looking at our warehouse for this-thanks for sharing!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I loves this stuff when I was working as a waitress in college. It was awesome, and I generally loathe cling wraps because they aren't very clingy and agitate me. But this stuff was great! Never thought of buying it for my house.


Leanne said...

Wow and I thought the one I was able to get in Makro was long, but not 3000 ft long.

Sonshine said...

I have one of those rolls!! I love it!! I can attest to the fact that they last and last and last! :) It makes me wish that I had put a date on the box when we got it to see how long it actually was going to last us! I store mine on my counter because I don't have a place big enough for it. I think I have about another year's worth of film on the roll. :)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Andy @ Retire at 40 said...

That looks like a great way or doing it. Less hassle, more success and by the looks of it, it's pretty good value per cent too! That's right from the "Best Hints" shelf. Thanks.