Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is She Too Young To Learn About Socks?

Is it normal for a 5-year-old girl to roll her socks inside out every. single. time. she takes them off her feet?

Doesn't she know how long it takes to unroll them for the washing machine? She's adding seconds upon seconds to my laundry routine.

Yeah, she'll get hers. One day she'll get married and have kids of her own.


Melissa said...

I can relate to the 5 year old sock rolling....and 6 and 7 year old boys who are too lazy to reach down and pull the socks off so they do it in one motion that causes the pants to eat their underware and socks. If they are lucky enough, their socks are found before they turn the color of the jeans. Sigh.

Tug said...

LOL. But does she have frogs in her pockets?

Lisa B. said...

frogs in her pockets? rocks in her pockets (which then get in your dryer) or maybe snails and worms?

The sock problem was easily solved at my house. When my oldest (now 22 and has a 3 yr old son of his own) was about 10, I had asked nicely, begged and pleaded to no avail, so all the socks went into a basket and I would make him turn them right side out. He also got to turn all my socks and his dads (because we purposely turned them wrong side out for his lesson). He thought this was soooo gross ( really??? I didnt know!) and after having to do this twice, he made sure his socks were right side out for the laundry. ;) lol

My youngest now, was told the terrifying experience from his brother (lol) and we dont have the problem. His problem is they dont make it to the laundry baskets. I find them all over the house.... right side out but all over! errrrrr

Leanne said...

The 3 year old does the same thing.

Her dad taught her.

I'm planning my revenge.

Bluepaintred said...

Mr. Blake is six now and he has been doing the sock rolling for about a year. he pulls them on, alllll the way up his leg and wears them like that all day. (he said his socks need to be on "right" or they hurt his head. Whatever that means) At the end of the day he loves rolling them off his feet into a wee sock donut.

Our compromise, since he won't stop rolling, is that he will sort out the socks of the whole family.(socks and underwear are their own load) (well, maybe some towels in there too)

He seems to enjoy the task, which happens once a week. I sort all the other laundry into piles in my room and he sits there with his basket of socks, unrolling.