Friday, October 12, 2007

Casual Friday: What's In A Name?

Yesterday, my friend ajooja said he liked the idea of his grandson coming up with a cute nickname for him. I suggested the boy call him ajooja. It's all good until someone asks the kid what it means.

That sent my thoughts off on a tangent -- a common occurrence, yes -- and I realized I could become "Grannie Annie". Cute enough. Better than plain ol' Annie Jones, anyway.

That sent me off on another tangent (see, I told you). I wondered if any other bloggers would be willing to let their kids or grandkids call them by their "bloganyms".

Could Rainbow Man shout, "Blue! The puppy just peed on the floor again!"?

Will Baby Morris' first word be "Vi-Vi" instead of "Ma-Ma"?

How believable would this kid's excuse be? "Dear Teacher, Please excuse my son from turning in his math assignment because the wiener ate his homework. Signed, Nobody™"

Now that I think of it, it's probably not such a good idea after all.

I mean, what if your kid got lost at the super mega center and decided to have you paged?


Bluepaintred said...

The biggest problem i have with blog names different from real names is I sometimes forget who I am and refer to myself as Bluepaintred

it makes my husband giggle

Gay said... was the kidlets who gave my MY nickname. It became by blog name. My other nickname with my oldest son is "Momstar." Since he have OnStar in his car, he frequently calls me for directions or phone number when he's on the road.
Hmmmm. Perhaps I should get that as a domain name!

aka "Granny Geek"

Gay said... oldest son does NOT have OnStar.

What on earth is wrong with my keyboard this morning?

Annie Jones said...

Blue: Some people really identify with their blog personas.

Gay: Momstar! I love it. Jean used to call me Pokemom (from the cartoon Pokemon) sometimes.

Violet said...

You're funny...

I'm thinking about changing my blogger name to "ULTRA-Violet," although that might mean that I have to find time to blog a bit more often...

Annie Jones said...

Violet: You wouldn't have to blog more often, just make each post a little more concentrated for the same effect. ;)

Tug said...

If I did that, everyone in the room would look to my dad.


But I LOVE the Nobody idea - ha!

Annie Jones said...

Tug: When it comes to fun bloganyms, Nobody wins. ;)