Monday, August 15, 2011

The Grand Tour

Per Sluggy's request, here is the camper p@rn.

First, the tour of the grounds:

Address:  Site 58, Long Shoal Campground, Truman Lake, MO

That margarita cooler on the corner of the table is not mine. 
(As far as you know.)

Shane, doing something.  Not sure what.

Required kitschy string lights.

And now, a tour of the mansion itself:

Master bedroom with built-in overhead cabinetry and adjoining living room.

I say couch, Shane says sofa, my dad says divan.  What do you call it?

Under-bed storage.

"Front" door and clothes closet (being misc.-used).

View from the living room.  Fridge, stove, sink.

Closer view of the kitchen.

Food pantry.

Double sink...

but they are very tiny.

Three-burner gas stove with oven.

Overhead micro.

Pull-completely-out drawers.

Stereo with CD player.

Dining area with overhead storage.  Situated directly across from stove.

There's a Kat in the camper.

Shower and toilet.

Vanity with sink.  Shower is fed through sink faucet.

Kat's bedroom tucked in the back behind the kitchen and bathroom.

"Back" door near Kat's bed.

And that concludes our tour. 
Shane drove away with the camper at 9:00 this morning -- next stop, Garden City, KS.


McVal said...

What a great camper! Ours would smell like feet and never be organized like that even before we left home...

SonyaAnn said...

WOW, it looks like soooo much fun!! I'm so happy for you. Thank you for the tour but you really should charge.

Dmarie said...

LOVE this're rich! and hey, I think you've found my margarita cooler! ;)

slugmama said...

Enjoyed my where is the gift shop?lol

And as for the margarita cooler, mee thinks thou protest too much. ;-)

Sheila said...

Love it!! I bet Shane will enjoy staying in the camper so much more than staying in a hotel. I say couch--my best friend from Alaska said davenport. Have a great day. Take care.

Mark said...

We stay at a camper at the beach. It's my parents. It's a tight fit with all of us but since it's free to us, I don't complain. Okay, I don't complain a lot.
Thanks for the tour. It looks great! m.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Why that is just adorable! I wish ours had an oven. We do have a microwave.
But you have patio light too, I'm so jealous!!

Kat said...

I really like your camper. Looks like a lot of fun is in your future.

Anonymous said...

Camper p@rn! that!

BTW, it's a couch...everybody knows that!


slugmama said...

Let me add, I love the under bed shoe storage deal.
What year is this camper? It's so fashionable! Not like the old camper we stay in at the campground in Maine.
Just make sure you mothball those pop-up canvas parts good when you fold it up for storage to keep the critters from making a home in there and chewing on them.

My envy grows each day...... ;-)

Frances said...

Great camper! It almost makes me miss camping. Almost.

Jill said...

What a lovely camper! We've been talking about getting one for awhile but it hasn't happened yet. LOL Have a great time!