Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vacation, Day 4: The Royal Gorge (Twice)

Almost our entire day today was spent at The Royal Gorge.  We did stop and eat breakfast at a little bagel and sandwich place, but I flat out forgot the pics.  Oh well, if you've seen one breakfast burrito, you've seen them all.

The Royal Gorge has been my favorite part of the trip so far.  I loved it all...the beautiful canyon, the suspension bridge, the air tram back across the canyon and the incline ride to the bottom of the canyon.

Suspension bridge across the Royal Gorge and the Arkansas River.

A view from the bridge (we walked across).

A view of the bridge from the sky tram.  Notice the red helicopter flying UNDER the bridge.  If not for the expense, Shane and I would have loved to have taken the copter ride.

A view of the bridge from the bottom of the canyon.

Goofy self-portrait shot at the bottom of the canyon.

Picture that a kind stranger took of us.

A view as we were coming back up the incline.

We skipped lunch, so our second "royal gorge" of the day was all of us pigging out at Michael's on Main in Canon City, CO.  And once again, being patient with some less than stellar service got us some free stuff.  We all ordered our meals, but for some reason Kat's lasagna was late getting to the table.  It was supposed to have been only a few minutes late, but the rest of us were finished with our meals and she still didn't have hers.  BIL wanted to make a scene, but we talked him off that ledge.  Instead we were patient and polite and the manager -- of her own accord -- comped Kat's meal and also gave all five of us a free gelato dessert.  Although the lasagna wasn't worth that kind of wait, it was made very well, as was all of the food we had there. 

Here is my plate of Spicy Lamb and Cheese Tortellini on Arugula.  Of course, the picture doesn't do it justice. In spite of the kitchen foul-up, we would go to Michael's again if we are ever in the area.  Not likely, but you never know.

Pasta at Michael's.  MUCH better than the food we had in Salina.

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Tug said...

I'm reading, just terrible at commenting. ;-) How was the buffalo? I've always heard it's good (& very little fat), but never tried it.