Thursday, July 28, 2011

If This Isn't Real Life, Then I Don't Know What Is

I need to water the tomatoes, buy groceries, take Kat to the pool, and I'm seriously toying with the idea of getting a haircut today (pics to follow if/when I do).

While I'm gone, read THIS -- Erica talks about keeping it real in the Blogosphere Fantasy World. It's another great post from NW Edible Life.


Sheila said...

I like that post. I do have my moments when I stop posting because I think what I have to say or share isn't good enough--especially when I get told I shouldn't be posting or what I do isn't good enough because it's not what some other blogger does or when I read another blog that has that person doing some amazing things. Okay--enough whining!!
Good luck with the hair cut--I haven't had my hair cut since Dec.2009--though I have wanted to many times--I just don't know how I want it.
Thanks for sharing Erica's blog. Take care.

slugmama said...

Yah, I get this.
I am guilty of envying other people's lives and blogs and number of followers.
I get the bloggy angst every couple of months.
My life is crap comparatively.
My blog is crap comparatively.
Well at least you know it's boring from the get go! Total truth in advertising with my Blog
But even so, me and my blog suck.
Major suckage....

And then some days I get the blog rage too.
I feel so superior to other blogs.
I think some other blogs are lame or stupid or geez, get a life!lol
I confess I am not a very nice person on those days and it is all I can do to hold my blogging tongue and not call them out or leave a snarky comment.

And I am sure other bloggers go through this all too....or at least I HOPE they do I am NOT the ONLY blogging LUNATIC, UNBALANCED INDIVIDUAL.
Or am I?