Friday, June 24, 2011

Flashback Friday - Reminiscing

I'm not ready to write about my mom yet, but here is something I wrote a few years ago about my paternal grandparents.  I hope you'll click through and give it a read.  It's from January 8, 2008.


Lisa B. said...

Times were much simpler then. Family spending time together, usually brought together to share a huge meal was very important back in my childhoood days at my grandmothers. All my cousins would be there also. The big thing for us to do was ride our bikes around while my uncles played horseshoes and made home-made ice cream.

Oh and my grandmother stored her bread and potatoe chips in her dishwasher that was bought for her, but she didnt like to run cause it used "too much water"! lol

I can also remember the tv outside on the back porch because it was so hot in the house.

I hope you have a great vacation. Hugs

Mark said...

That sounds like paradise.