Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Spring is just around the corner!  Really, it is.  Just yesterday, I noticed our daffodils are beginning to break through the ground, and there are what suspiciously look like buds on some of our trees.  It's time to think of all things lawn and garden!  I plan on taking a look at all the cool lawn and garden items from CSN Stores, including swingsets, patio furniture and greenhouses.

I've been invited to review an item form CSN Stores very soon.  Hmm...wonder what I'll choose.  Any guesses?


Mark said...


SonyaAnn said...

LOL about Mark!
I bet it will be the sundial!!

slugmama said...

I was going to say anything but the sundial since she is getting that already.lolol

I guess something that goes in the kitchen or something for Kat's room.
What do I win???

Frances said...

I am guessing sundial as well.

Lisa B. said...

I'm not even going to try to guess. There is too much to choose from CSN.

Annie Jones said...

Mark: LOL! Now what would I do with that

SonyaAnn and Frances: Probably. But maybe not.

Sluggy: You win my undying admiration.

Lisa B: You are absolutely right. There's so much to look at. I'm looking at grill top popcorn popper, a small "grow house" shelf to start garden plants and, if you can believe it, a sundial!

McVal said...

Awesome!!!! Good for you! Pick whatever your little heart desires... and enjoy!

Annie Jones said...

For anyone who is on the edge of your seat with suspense, I finally ordered the sundial with the CSN gift code I won from SonyaAnn's giveaway. My review items will be something different.