Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Thrift Store Finds Edition

Good morning to everyone! I'm a little late with my post this morning, but I might still hit the publish button before noon.

How was your weekend?  I had two very different days this weekend.  On Saturday morning, I took Kat to spend the weekend with her mom, leaving me all alone for the day, since Shane was working out of town.  I had a small list of things I needed to see if I could find for cheap at thrift stores, so I headed into Independence, MO, to start a route home that I knew would take me past several thrift stores.  I ended up taking my time and browsing in eight different stores (of the 10 that were on my route home).  Here's some of the good stuff I found:

 A stick blend, hand mixer, hard plastic pitcher, and silicone mold.  All will be dedicated to soap making.
$9 for all.
A like-new Senseo single-serving coffee maker.  This is what we use (with refillable pods so we can use whatever coffee we like).  We love it, but they either don't make them anymore or they are just very hard to find now.  This one looks like it hasn't been used more than once or twice.  It will be saved as a back-up.  $5.

Glass lids for Pyrex casseroles I already own.  $4 for all.

I found these new King-sized sheets at a Salvation Army store for $22.  They're $50-$56 new at Wal-mart. These weren't on my list of pre-owned items (because I didn't think I'd find any), but were on my list of new items.  I doubt I would find them at a price this low, even on sale.  They'll replace a set that we've had so long they are becoming literally thread-bare.

I also picked up a paperback 3-in-1 novel by Barbara Kingsolver and a few tops for myself.  All told, I spent about $60 for all of these bargains plus a full day's worth of what, to me, is entertainment.  Not bad.

I ended up getting home around 6:00 and Shane made it home from work around 8:00.  We spent the rest of the evening just sitting back and watching TV.

Sunday morning, we slept in until around 10:00 (very unusual for us) and then went out for breakfast.  By the time we got to the restaurant, they were serving lunch instead, so we both ordered an all-you-can-eat fried shrimp special.  I also ordered a side salad.  I ended up having just the initial serving of shrimp, but Shane had a couple of full-sized servings.  I didn't feel overly full, but when I got home, all I wanted to do was go back to bed, so I did for a couple of hours.  I woke not feeling much better than I did before I laid down, and by then, Shane was feeling the same way.  We were just generally groggy, a little achy, and in my case a little melancholy.  This seems to happen more and more to us (me especially) when we eat in restaurants and I suspect it is reaction to MSG.  Anyone else have experiences with MSG sensitivity?

By early to mid-evening, we were both feeling more or less back to normal, but by then, it was too late to get much done.  Then, unfortunately, I ended up not sleeping well overnight, so here I am again, starting my week off without much energy.

For the rest of the week, I have a lunch planned with an old friend I recently caught up with on Facebook, I still need to plot out this year's garden on grid paper, I need to keep up with all the regular chores, and it would be nice to get back to work on redecorating Kat's bedroom.  There's not much left to be done, but it seems like the last details always take the longest.

What's going on in your neck of the woods this week?


The Cookbook Junkie said...

I have today off and Nick had a make-up day at school. With Dan here alone, I really can't get much done. I have a huge headache.

To top it all off, I got a notice that the house I really wanted is back on the market. I almost wish it wasn't. This divorce is so stalled - I just don't think I can extricate myself from my current mortgage easily enough to make an offer. I got over the loss the first time, now I'll have to do it again!

Jill said...

Looks like you found some great deals!

I haven't had much luck eating out..until I can figure out what I'm allergic to. :-)

Have a great week!


McVal said...

I love those stick blenders! They are awesome for making frothy mixes and quick whipped topping.

Frances said...

You got some great bargains!

Lisa B. said...

Great buys! I'm on the look out for another stick blender.

I cant eat out hardly anywhere any more. It upsets my stomach and makes me feel so blah.

My agenda this week is still trying to get back into a work routine. It's been a long time since I worked 45 hours a week with a 40 minute drive both ways. It seems like by the time I get dinner done it's time for bed. I am working right there on N Scott at a lawn service company.

Melynda said...

What good buys. I keep a Senseo at work for coffee, borrowed from my DIL.

PennyAshevilleNC said...

First time reader....I just had a reaction to fast food. Our family cut out fast food years ago, but we stopped for a quick bite on the way home from a last minute trip out of town. It was a huge mistake. I started with a migraine and stomach cramps so bad that it kept me awake for hours- then yesterday, headache all day (which is how I figured out I react to aspartame). Food reactions are plentiful and complicated, I am sorry you felt that way- I know it is miserable.

SonyaAnn said...

Good job on all of the "finds." I love the stick blenders.
And I too find that after cooking at home for so long that I feel like crap after I eat out or eat processed food. I ate pizza rolls yesterday and thought that I was getting sick but then realized what it was. That is sooo weird.
Have a great week!

MyATM said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. Good thing you were able to buy all those stuff for 60 bucks. Me, I've been feeling lazy since the start of the week. I'm lazy to go to the gym but hopefully by tomorrow, I will be back to my normal self. :)

slugmama said...

Nice haul. Other than food I haven't even set foot in a store to buy anything in ages!...except for the funeral clothes last week. I even had a 15% off anything in the store discount to my fav discontinued/discount outlet and I let it expire.

I'm still in full blown "get rid of stuff" mode but I don't have the energy to even do

I knew someone who fell dead asleep after consuming MSG....without fail.
Nasty stuff.

I haven't even though about the garden for this year. Yes, I am