Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Menu Retrospective - 1/9 to 1/15

I'm a menu planner, but when I've tried to post my weekly menus here in the past, they weren't accurate because I often change things at the last minute. On the other hand, I really like being able to look back to see what we've eaten, what we loved, what we disliked, and most of all being able to link to the recipes on my menus that have come from other blogs. That's why I prefer to post my weekly menus after the fact.


There were not as many epeated meals this week. With Shane both home through Wednesday because of weather, most of our leftovers were eaten as lunches.

Sunday, January 9
- Fried Flounder Fillets, Fried Pepper Rings, French Fries, Salad with Homemade Ranch Dressing

Not the healthiest of meals, but we loved it.

Monday, January 10
- Chicken Mushroom Melts on Homemade French Bread, Green Beans

We had eaten a heavier lunch of leftovers, so supper was light.  These sandwiches were really good; I'm looking forward to making them again.

Tuesday, January 11
- Venison BBQ Sloppy Joes on Homemade Buns, Salad with Italian Dressing, Tater Tots

The original plan was to have venison sloppy joes using a canned sauce, but they turned out very bland to me.  I added some barbecue sauce and more spices, which made them edible, but still unimpressive in my opinion.

Wednesday, January 12
- Barbecue Venison Pizza with Peppers and Onions, Salad with Homemade Caesar Dressing, Steamed Broccoli

I used some of last night's leftover sloppy joe venison to make this pizza. Wow -- what an improvement! I really liked this. The extra barbecue sauce, peppers and onions did the trick.

Thursday, January 13
- Baked Frozen Battered Fish Fillets, Baked Tater Tots, Green Beans

Shane was working out of town again, so I wanted to keep Kat's and my meal simple.

Friday, January 14
- Out at Chinese buffet.

We had a craving. :)

Saturday, January 15
- Black Pepper Pork, Rice, Chicken Egg Rolls (store-bought), Egg Drop Soup

Still craving Chinese food.  This is one of our favorite meals, but it's a little spicy, so we save it for when Kat is at her mom's for the weekend.  The egg drop soup turned out well, but the store-bought egg rolls were awful. :(

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Frances said...

I want to come eat at your house.
Not that meals at my house are not delicious. Hubby makes wonderful dinners. It is just that it is lunch time and your menu is making me hungry!