Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Woke Up Twice Edition

Happy Monday, everyone.  How was your weekend?

I was up at 3:45 this morning to help Shane get ready and see him out the door at 4:00.  He's working in Manhattan, KS, again and this time will be gone all week.  He really hates working out of town, but at least it's work. I told him the choice seemed to be for him to go and us to miss each other while he got paid, or for him to stay home and us probably possibly get on each other's nerves from too much togetherness while he doesn't get paid.  I think that made going a little more tolerable for him.

Anyway, Kat is home from school for the MLK holiday, so I was able to go back to bed and got up the second time at 8:45.  I should be good to go for the rest of the day.

What did all of you do over the weekend? 

Saturday morning we drove Kat to her mom's for the weekend, then we ran a couple of errands before coming back home and making three small batches of soap.  I promise to post about the soap sometime tomorrow, with a few pictures.  After soap making, we did a little housework, some laundry, and cooked supper, then watched a Netflix movie.

Sunday was spent with me doing more housework and Shane finishing up laundry and packing his clothes for the week ahead.  Once we got those things caught up, I worked on sorting through some recipe clippings.  We tried to watch another movie, but it didn't hold our interest, so we turned it off before it was over.

As you can tell, it was a very exciting weekend for us.  I'm sure all of you are green with envy.

I have a pretty low-key week planned.  There's nothing on my calendar this week, so I think I'll spend some time sorting and purging stuff we don't need anymore.  Even suppers will be easier than usual, I think.  I'm used to cooking quite a bit (we're a family of three who eats more like four or five at supper); instead of trying to cook for just Kat and myself, I think I'll cook a usual meal and we'll eat leftovers until it's gone before I make another meal.  If I do that, I'll probably be cooking just two or three times this week.

What's on your agenda for the week?


McVal said...

Looking forward to the soap making thing!
I went on a date on Saturday with my hubby!! Saw Tron in 3d.

Frances said...

I think your weekend sounds great, except for that housework stuff.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Spent the weekend getting ready for Nick's party and then we had the party last night. I get two more days off to recuperate.

SonyaAnn said...

You explained it perfect to Shane. Den and I get like that after too long. My MIL is starting to sweat it because my FIL will be retiring soon. She asked if she could stay in Anna's room if things don't work out. LOL, I said sure. Den just stared at me when I told him his mother's retirement plans!

slugmama said...

I think if we just traded DHs amongst ourselves every other week maybe?....that would help keep them from getting on our last nerves, especially if they were retired or had to/got to take time off from work or if they worked at home.

I've told my Hubs that we need a separate man cave for him once he retires so I can have MY space.....finding a place to live with that isn't the problem, making him STAY in his room & not follow me around all day will