Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Craigslist, Too!

According to Slugmama, all the crazies are on eBay. But we've run into a couple of irrational sellers this weekend on craigslist.

Our mower quit working on Saturday, and can't be repaired because the part can't be found (not made, not available, whatever). Shane's been scouting craigslist for a replacement to get us through until the end of season when new mowers go on sale.

He found one yesterday, a year-old and rarely used. He called the seller who agreed to show it to him immediately. It was about 40 minutes from our house, and when Shane got there, the seller was on the phone with someone.  When Shane finally did get to see the mower, it was not as new as claimed, and the seller told him he'd raised the price by $40. Shane told him it wasn't worth it and that it had been misrepresented in the listing.  The seller made a derogatory remark to Shane, so Shane decided to leave quickly before he (Shane) let his temper fly on the guy.  Really, what else could he do?

Then, very early this morning, before Shane went to work, another listing went up in a different part of town. Shane called and left a message. The seller returned his call and said Shane was the first caller and that yes, he could show the mower to Shane when he (the seller) got home from work around 6:00 this evening. He promised Shane the first opportunity to buy it. About an hour later, the seller called back and said for Shane not to bother coming for the mower, because he had someone else coming to buy it right then.  (Funny...I thought the guy wasn't at home to sell it.)

What is wrong with these people??!!

I understand there are no rules with craigslist. The seller can decide if he wants to show something to the first to reply or the first to arrive.  I get that.   But I don't think it's fair to change the rules in the middle of the game. Or to raise the price of something at the last minute just because you feel like it.

I think Shane's given up on the idea of getting a mower from craigslist, which pains me, because I hate the idea of paying full price for something we KNOW will go on sale in just a few weeks.  I want him to borrow a mower a couple of times from a neighbor (who borrows items from us from time to time) before he makes a hasty purchase, but if I know my husband, he won't.  It's fine to lend our things to people who need them, but for some reason, he doesn't think it's okay for us to borrow something when we're the ones in need.

Search & Win


Frances said...

That just sucks. I haven't gotten anything from Craigslist, but know that there are flaky people everywhere.

Heck, I have had no shows for stuff I gave away on Freecycle. I was giving it away and they could not bother to show up or even call and cancel.

I feel your pain!

Alea said...

Borrowing is a great idea, but my dh has trouble with it too!

I haven't had trouble with ebay, but we recently had a frustrating craigslist experience. Sometimes the repair shops sale refurbished lawn mowers. You might also check the want ads and freecycle.

I hope the garden sales start early this year!

McVal said...

I hear hot weather makes people do stupid things. I hope you get a good mower soon!

Leanne said...

There's nowt as queer as folk:)

Robert is exactly the same. He can lend, in fact he can offer the man doesn't even need to be asked for a lend of something, without any bother at all but he just can't bring himself to borrow things. It must be a male pride thing, like the way they can't ask for directions.

Annie Jones said...

Frances: I had to give up on Freecycle entirely. Too much competition to get something and too many no-shows or flaky people when giving something away.

Alea: Good idea about the repair shops. :)

McVal: Maybe that's the problem; it's definitely hot here.

Leanne: There's nowt as queer as folk...

Yep. Here we have a country song that says, "God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy." That sums it up just right most of the time.

Lisa B. said...

I've had stuff like that happen from time to time on Craigslist also. Seems to always happen around full/new moon. :D

Check the paper for garage sales this week.

slugmama said...

Ebay is FULL of crazies but there is more than enough to go around to Craigslist and
And Lisa B is right....full moon makes it worse!

I think the not borrowing thing is tied to testosterone....just like the not asking for directions thing.

How about paying a neighborhood kid/teen/whatever to mow until the lawnmowers go on clearance....depending on how much the mowing will cost you I guess.
And I suppose that the testosterone thing won't let Shame let someone else mow his lawn either, huh?

With men you just can't win when it comes to reason.... ;-)

slugmama said...

LOL...not Shame....SHANE!
Gawd.....just call me

Annie Jones said...

Well, that worked out. Shane's boss overheard a few of the conversations that took place yesterday between Shane and the craigslist seller and Shane and myself, then he (the boss) offered up a mower that he doesn't use. The mower truly is nearly new, it just doesn't suit his rather picky boss, and it's at the right price, about 1/3 of new. The boss is looking for a little ready cash to help "recover" from his recent vacation spending.

So, the mower is in our possession and all is well. Once in a while this boss-guy comes through. Then again, Shane just called me for driving directions to a job site. Shane lost site of his boss while following him, and when he called for directions, the boss refused to give them.


Frances said...

Excellent deal on the new to you lawnmower.

Silly boss that wouldn't give directions!