Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Fun

I still don't have a lot to write about today. It took two days to get the kitchen and dining areas completely decluttered and cleaned; today we start on Kat's room.  Wish us luck.

Rather than let this become an unintentional blog break, I thought I'd tell you about a couple of fun things we've done in the last week.

The first cost a little bit of money, but was worth it: Kat and I went to see the remake of Karate Kid.

I was 19 or 20 when the original came out and I thought it was pretty good, but this new version is much better. Jaden Smith is a great young actor and cute as can be, and we always enjoy watching Jackie Chan. Be warned that the fight scenes are more realistic than the original (read: a little tough to watch) and the movie is more than two hours long, so go to the bathroom before you enter the "thitty-er" (Kat's pronunciation of theater). You might buy the popcorn while you're there, but if you're like me, you'll sneak in bottled water and M&Ms in your purse.

The second fun thing we saw was free, and was a program called Exotic Pets R Us at our local library.

This is a local group whose animals have appeared on Letterman, The Early Show, and other TV shows. You can check out the website, Exotic Cats R Us, to see more.  We saw an adorable serval kitten and a 4-month old lion cub. 

But don't be fooled; it's not just about cats. 

We also saw a hairy armadillo, a gecko, a boa constrictor, a marine toad, a mata mata turtle.  On the cute and cuddly side, we saw a spider monkey, a chinchilla, a not-yet-grown Flemish giant rabbit weighing in at 15 pounds, and a young adult kangaroo with a (unseen) developing joey in it's pouch.  My favorite of the night was the tiny fennec fox.  We were told that a fox usually tries to eat a rabbit, but in this case, they eat along side each other.  I wonder if that's because the rabbit is three times the size of the fox! 

All of these animals were inside the library (not outside in the parking lot as I expected) and were brought out of their cages or containers one-by-one for a better look.  It was a very entertaining show.

Now I just need to keep it a secret that Exotic Cats R Us has Savannah Cats.  If Shane finds out about them, he'll want to spend a wad of our savings on one.

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Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love big purses for Movies. We always hit the dollar store, right by the theatre for cheap candy!!

SonyaAnn said...

I was wondering about that movie. We have one of the last drive-ins around us. It's about an hour away. I'm trying to save up a few bucks so we can go. That theater won't be around for much longer. Hopefully, it will be there when we go. Thanks for the movie review, Ebert!

slugmama said...

I see the movies in my future later this summer. I'll take #2 son and his buddies one day(with some of my eBay profits). I don't buy concessions, jut the tickets. They either have to smuggle food in or use their own money for that. Hopefully the theater will be showing something I can watch too(I don't enjoy what 14 yr old boys would want to watch)in a different screening room or I'll have to go sit in the mall next door and read, or go grocery shopping.

Ah, the joys of taking older kids to the movies. I no longer have to pay for and watch movies I don't
But it sounds like ya'll had a good time at yours.

Frances said...

I heard someone, just a few minutes ago, talking about how much they liked the Karate Kid movie. (And I don't think she is old enough to have seen the originals.)

How cool that your library has that program!

Annie Jones said...

OBQ: The funny thing is, unless I'm trying to sneak food into the movie or take covert mystery shopping notes, I almost never carry a purse. :)

SonyaAnn: We still have several drive-in theaters here, most with multiple screens. But because we're old farts, we never manage to go to them. The movies start about the time we want to go to sleep!

Slugmama: We very rarely go to the movie theater. So the popcorn (yes, the fat-laden faux-buttery kind) was part of the treat for us. :)

Frances: Yes, we are very fortunate. Some of the other library systems in town have cut hours, programs, etc. So far, our county system has been able continue on as usual.

A.Marie said...

I want to see that giant rabbit!!! I love rabbits! I wondered how that new Karate Kid movie I want to go and see it! :)

Miranda said...

So glad to hear the movie is good... we all want to see it. Exciting times here... I got keifer grains and am having fun learning how to use the keifer AND I got a grain mill!!

Just had to share... knew you would appreciate the excitement.

A.Marie said...

Annie Jones, I forgot to tell you that I am hosting my first giveaway and it is a yummy one! Also, if you mention a little something about it on your blog, you'll get an extra entry!! :)

Leanne said...

Depending on the weather we might be going to the cinema on Sunday, but we'll be going to see Space Chimps or Monkeys or something like that. I'd rather go and see Karate Kid but Chloe gets a serious case of ants in her pants after about 90 mins.

I have to have cinema popcorn when I go, but everything else is smuggled in with the husband's amazing trousers. They're like Hagrid's coat, made entirely of pockets:)

Annie Jones said...

A. Marie: That rabbit was so neat. It was like a big rag doll. It's feet were as big as a 4yo human's!

Miranda: What kind of mill did you get? I want one, but I haven't decided on a free-standing one or an attachment for my Bosch mixer. How do you like working with the kefir grains? I've only ever used a powdered kefir starter. I'm currently exploring quinoa and different ways to cook/eat steel cut oats.

Leanne: And if only we had an Invisibility Cloak we could all get in for free! :)