Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Bargain Hunter Edition

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was wet! It's been raining a lot here lately, but I'm hoping for a sunny day...maybe tomorrow.

The rain didn't stop us from going to our citywide garage sales on Saturday. I was surprised at how many people still had their sales and how many shoppers were out, despite the rain and cool temps. We stayed out only a couple of hours, but found a few bargains. Shane bought many, many garden tools for about $1 each (rakes, hoes, seed spreaders, old-fashioned thatchers and weed pullers, etc.) and also a good number of seedling shrubs for 25¢ each.

My best find was this sterling silver and garnet ring. I'm not sure if it's as old as it looks or if it's a replica, but either way, it's worth far more than the 50¢ I paid for it. I'm not into a lot of jewelry, but I do like rings and I do like sterling, so I'm happy.

I also found this dresser for Kat's room for $5!

Yesterday we stayed home, doing whatever needed done around here, but not doing any of it very quickly. It was a nice, slow-paced day for us. I roasted a whole chicken using a recipe from The Amish Cook at Home (recipe to follow sometime) and actually did some ironing. I HATE ironing, and do as little of it as possible by making sure we wear mostly jeans, t-shirts and other wash-n-wear items. But every few months, I'll accrue a little pile of things that really need to be ironed and will tackle it all at once. The fun part of that is that when those few freshly-ironed items finally hit the closet, it feels like we have new clothes!

Kat has just two weeks left of school, so I'm going to try to spend some time this week thinking about how I'll tweak my daily routines to work better for us over the summer while she's home more of the time. She'll be going to daycare two days a week (to save my sanity, I admit, and to give her play time with kids her own age), but I want to have a plan in place for the days she is home. I can too easily get involved with my own chores and tasks and leave her sitting in front of the TV if I don't.

Other than that, I don't have a lot planned for the week, although I'm sure I'll be busy. What will occupy your time this week?

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The Cookbook Junkie said...

I have not touched my iron since I bought a steamer. I bought it from one of the shopping networks. It's been finicky lately and I've been pondering ordering a replacement because I don't think I can ever go back to ironing!

SonyaAnn said...

I don't iron ever. If you like it, Den will iron it cuz I like to burn clothes!
I love you ring and it was money well spent. And I know what you mean about finding things for the kids to do. Anna doesn't need help finding things to do she is always on the run. And with college classes this summer she should be out of my hair. But DJ is always in need of something to do and doing chores is something that he avoids.
I haven't been making my rounds as much because Anna is out of school today. Hard to believe she will graduate from High School on Sunday. And DJ has about 2 weeks left and then all Hell will break loose.
Have a great week!

Tug said...

I seriously need to check out yard sales around here sometime, you did awesome!

The thing I hate about ironing is that then I want to wear them right away, and dang if there isn't more ironing to do Vicious circle.

ThriftyPuppy said...

Welcome back, Annie! Great finds at the sales. I haven't been g-saling in forever, so I guess I oughtta grab my mom and go. It's alot of fun and you can find some great deals.

Just a reminder to email me your address so that I can send you the FREE Star Food coupon that you won in one of my giveaways. Thanks!

slugmama said...

Well if you ever get tired of that ring feel free to send it to me since it is my birthstone. ;-)

Great find on the dresser and Shane's gardening tools.

Ironing? bleh. I only iron if I am sewing/making something. Luckily I taught hubs how to iron a men's shirt years ago so I don't have to do that anymore.

Ah, the keeping kids occupied during the summer chore. Luckily 2 of mine will be working at camp on the other end of the state for most if not all of the summer. #3 child will be attending camp for 2 weeks(that's our expensive splurge each year-paying for camp weeks as it is NOT cheap or frugal.) Band camp(not sleepaway camp)will occupy him for 2 additional weeks. Then his friend's stepbrother who lives in TX will be here for almost 2 months this summer so #2 son, his friend and his friend's stepbrother will hang out alot here. We are the summer hanging spot when they aren't going to the park. I love how mine are old enough now to let them come and go and don't need watching. I don't know how I did the keeping them amused thing all those years. We took many trips to visit/stay with relatives in the summer. And putting in a pool was a big way to keep them busy....but not very frugal.

My week is overflowing with chores and stuff. Top priority is getting out in the garden and getting the soil ready to plant. I've got soil, compost and cow poo ready to go!lol

Annie Jones said...

CJ: Is it specifically for clothing? I tried steaming some clothes with my steam cleaner, and it worked a little, but not as well as I had hoped.

SonyaAnn: I had a bunch of brothers and sisters so there was never any problem finding something to do or someone to play with. I worked when my daughter was little, so she was always in a daycare or day camp setting in the summer. Dealing with a bored only child is new territory for me.

Tug: I remember how I used to iron everything in high school, even jeans and t-shirts. I must have been insane! LOL!

Thrifty: Thanks for the reminder. I sent you the info. BTW, Lakewood (out north of Lee's Summit) is having their community wide sales on June 5. Those are always really good ones. :)

Sluggy: Over my dead pinky! Which is wear that ring is right now. :)