Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Garden Talk

If the rain stays away today, Shane will be getting in some always-appreciated overtime hours and I'll be out in the garden thinning out some seedlings and pulling a few weeds.

We have almost all our edibles planted now.  I think spinach is all we have left, and we're going to plant it in a large, widen container. 

We noticed the other day that some of the things we transplanted out were alive, but looking a little yellow.  They were just not thriving at all, especially the tomatoes.  Shane went to the store and bought some tomato plants to replace the seedlings we'd started inside.  When he made the switch, he found out that although we'd torn the bottom off the biodegradable peat pots, the little plants were root-bound all the same.  So he planted the new plants, but moved the root-bound ones into some larger flower pots, removing the remains of the peat pots all together.  He also gently dug up some of the other seedlings and removed their peat pots and replanted them.  Hopefully this works and doesn't throw everything into shock.  Like I said before, we're still flying by the seat of our pants and still have a lot to learn.

Most of the seeds that we planted directly into the ground have germinated.  Hopefully, in the next week or so, there will be something in our gardens worth photographing.  Right now, things are still pretty sparse.

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Sheila said...

I wish we had planted a garden this year. We have too much going on though. I guess I'll just garden vicariously through your blog and others this year.
I hope the root bound plants rally and produce lots for y'all this year.