Friday, March 19, 2010

Mad Money: A PBS Game for Kids

Have you checked out the PBS website for kids?  There are a lot of interactive games and activities there for kids of all ages.

Last night Shane and Kat were looking around and found Mad Money.  It's a game of budgeting and spending for kids.  Kat didn't do too badly, although I think the game may be better suited for kids a little older (say 10-14, maybe). 

In the game, Kat chose a "high dollar" item she wanted to buy at the end of the month.  She was given a starting amount of money, with a weekly allowance and opportunities to earn extra money throughout the month.  She was also given a shopping list of things she should buy during the month.  With each purchase she had a choice of two items, one being a better value than the other.  Sometimes it didn't matter which she chose, while other times, she was rewarded for choosing value over price or emotion.  Also along the way, she encountered unexpected expenses.  The goal was to have everything on her list purchased before the 30 days passed and still have enough money left over to buy the big ticket item she had chosen.  She didn't make it, but she came close.

It's not quite as easy as it seems.  I played the game this morning and zipped right through the easiest level.  But when I tried at the most difficult level, I fell short.  I had everything purchased, but I ran out of days before I had quite enough money for my purchase.

This is a fun game that will give kids a beginning lesson in budgeting and spending.  Check it out HERE, along with lots of other fun activities on the PBS site.


Diane said...

Sounds like a neat game. We have a 10 year old, I will get her to check it out.

Annie Jones said...

Thanks for visiting! Hope you're daughter enjoys the game.