Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dirty, Rotten Mothernature!

Mother Nature is not my BFF!

We had temps in the mid-to-upper 60s both yesterday and Thursday.  This morning it's in 30s and snowing.  With inches of accumulation expected.

Surely this will be the last time this season.  I'm SO over winter.


Speaking of so over, my Red Gold Tomatoes giveaway is, almost.  Tomorrow is the last day to enter.  And in case you didn't see, I'm giving a second prize as well...the Red Gold "Heartwarming Recipes for the Busy Cook" cookbook.  Go HERE to enter.


Thanks to my bloggy friend Lisa B. at Easy Frugal Living, I now have a blog button!  The code is over there ==►if you want to grab it.  If you need a button (that is, if you're mostly HTML illiterate like me), contact Lisa about hooking you up with one at a good price.


Sheila said...

I'm sorry your weather has changed for the worse. We were 75 yesterday and are supposed to be the same today. The weather guy said something about snow in the NC mountains this weekend though so maybe our weather will be worse on Monday. I too hope this is the last of the winter weather. We tried to till our garden area but the ground is still too soggy. Hope the snow doesn't last too long for y'all.

Lisa B. said...

It's snowing it's arse off here right now! yuckkkk.

Hopefully it wont stay around long.

I decided to give my second copy of the Red Gold Cookbook away too. I just used the same giveaway and drew a second number though. I also mentioned your giveaway again.

SonyaAnn said...

We have the exact same weather here!! WTF!!! I hate cold and snow. Our flowers and chives were starting to grow, too. It was like a terrible tease!

Annie Jones said...

Sheila: 75? You are no longer my friend. :p (just kidding)

Lisa B: One of the weather guys said 6.5" in Raymore and 7" in Freeman, with 4-5 more hours to go. Do you think that's about the same as you have so far? Thank goodness temps will be back up in the 50s by Monday or Tuesday.

SonyaAnn: Luckily it's not too cold here, so maybe plants won't be hurt too badly.

Sheila said...

Annie Jones,
I am so sorry!!! If it is any consolation, our weather is supposed to get worse tomorrow--although no snow--just thunderstorms and much lower temps--like in the 50's for couple of days. I'm sure we haven't seen the last cold snap either--we usually have a few cold times in April and early May.

Annie Jones said...

You know I was just kidding, Sheila. :)

Doug Robertson said...

12 inches of snow and still snowing here at 1:55a.m. Sunday. I'm going to bed, hopefully when I wake up it will have been a dream and is still last day before yesterday and 70.

Leanne said...

I'm waiting to plant potatoes at the minute, and waiting and waiting but everytime I think the temperature's on the up I wake the next morning to frost. Mother Nature is being a right moody cow this year.

Annie Jones said...

Doug: Oh,'s a very real nightmare.

Leanne: We haven't planted anything outside yet, but we have started some seeds inside. By the time this all melts off and the ground dries enough, we might be close to our last frost day. I hope so.

Tug said...

We had the same thing, 70 one day, 29 & snow the next. Supposed to do the same this coming week. ugh.

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