Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sometimes It Works

While I clip coupons and use quite a few of them, I'm not a regular participant in the "drugstore games" like CVS or Walgreen's.  This is because I very rarely use/want things like make-up, facial cleansers, air fresheners, expensive razors, name brand cereals or snacks, or name brand over-the-counter drugs that seem to make up the majority of their ads each week.

I know a lot of people have great luck with these coupon games and enjoy chasing these deals.  I always look at the ads and occasionally make a purchase, but I just don't enjoy playing that much. I find I do just as well, with less time spent*, by buying generics, using my coupons with sales at other stores, and shopping stores like Aldi.

Having said that, sometimes I actually do find a deal or two at the drugstores and thought I'd share a recent one with you.

After buying the occasional item, over time I had collected $12 in Register Rewards from Walgreen's.  In last Sunday's ad, they offered printer ink cartridge refills for $9.99.  They also had Skippy peanut butter on sale for 2/$3.  After using a 50¢ coupon for the Skippy and the $12 in RR, my total out of pocket amount was 49¢.  Half a dollar for three things I'll actually use is a good deal in my opinion!

I live in Missouri and my understanding is that here they calculate tax AFTER all discounts have been applied, so I was expecting to be taxed about 5¢ on the 49¢.  Looking at my receipt, no tax was charged at all.  I'm not sure what's up with that.

*Please know I'm not knocking any of you who do play and enjoy the drugstore games on a regular basis.  More power to you!  It's just not my cup of tea and I personally would rather spend my time listing something to sell on eBay or doing a mystery shop for a little extra money.


Sarah said...

Hmm, weird that you didnt get charged tax.

I find that Walgreens actually has great prices on their grocery items every now & then. I like to but a lot of things there when they are super cheap - using my RRs of course :)

Annie Jones said...

I think I might have figured out why they didn't tax. If they took the RRs off the peanut butter first, then all that was left was the ink refill, which may be considered a service provided rather than a consumable good. They wouldn't tax on a service.

Don't know if that's it, but it makes sense to me.

slugmama said...

I'm a numbers kind of gal so I enjoy putting together scenarios for the drug store games and catalina deals at the grocery stores. With the food, I try to buy only what we will eat(or I can pass along to BIL or neighbors)but with the drug store stuff(toiletries, etc.)I'll buy stuff I can get very cheap or free and sell it. I made almost 1K at the flea market last Oct. so it does pay off. Now if I worked fulltime I doubt I'd have time for this but since I don't work, it keeps me off the streets and is a hobby that puts money back in my pocket.

Annie Jones said...

Like I said, I don't hold anything against those of you who enjoy it. As for reselling stuff, I do a lot of that myself, only my stuff comes from garage sales, salvage stores, thrift stores, auctions, etc. and I sell it on eBay or at my own garage sales for a profit.

My thoughts are that there's really no wrong way to make or save money! Well, as long as it's legal...

SonyaAnn said...

You did great! I love when that happens. I got a necklace and a bracelet yesterday for $.53. I had a $5 off coupon from Platos closet. It made my day.
Have a great weekend!