Friday, February 19, 2010

Another New Project

A little while ago I mentioned the Shane is building a room in our basement, but that I didn't want to show you any pictures.  A few of you crazies readers said you DID want to see pictures.

That made the little wheels in my head start turning.  It seems to me that any posts I've done about home improvement, on this blog or others I had in the past, were always well-received.  So I've decided to move all of those into a blog of their own.

It's called Real Life Living - Home Makeover Edition.  It will chronicle our home improvement projects, some decorating projects and even some lawn and garden projects if they involve putting things together.  (Food related gardening posts will still be on this blog.)

Take a look.  The posts are all backdated so that I can keep them in chronological order and eventually wind up with our present projects at the top of the page.  So, start at the bottom and work your way up.  I'm still in our first year, but will be adding posts every day or so until I get things caught up.

Now see what you've all gone and done?  Like I really need another project on my already full plate.


Frances said...

OH NO!! I have to read ANOTHER blog??!!

Just kidding. I already went and read most of the posts. Very interesting!

SonyaAnn said...

Was the crazy scratched out thing meant for me? LOL
I can't wait to look at it all!