Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still Here...And Covered In Sheetrock Dust

Shane couldn't work Monday and yesterday because of rainy weather, so he put his time off to good use by continuing with our bathroom renovation. He patched the Sheetrock around the new tub and filled all the small holes left from old towel racks, etc. He patched around the skylight we installed a couple of years ago and re-textured the ceiling. He pulled out the old medicine cabinet and patched that space so we can put a large mirror there. He installed a new, smaller medicine cabinet where there wasn't one before, and installed a new lighting fixture. Oh, he also replaced the non-working ventilation fan with a new one. The pictures are boring, so I'll just wait and post before and after shots.

That Sheetrock dust flies all over the house. Instead of dusting, I've taken to writing my to-do lists in it. I'd write my grocery list in it, but an end table is a little awkward to carry in the store.


Leanne said...

I remember doing our en suite and it was a nightmare. When we moved in here, the roof was leaking so that was the first thing replaced and then we came to completely gut the en suite knowing full well that what was above the ceiling was likely to be disgusting we used plastic sheets and taped off the entire room while bobo went in with the full face gear on and still the was a layer of orange dust all over my house. It finds a way out every time:)

A.Marie said...

HA! I'm loving the comment about the end table!

We are also in various stages of remodel at my house, and I totally relate to the dust. UGH!

The bathroom is our next project; I am reading your posts very carefully, so I can tell hubs how your hubby is doing it. I can't wait to see the pictures!