Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Leftovers Have Leftovers!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready for tomorrow to arrive and for things to get back to normal.

We hosted a small crowd here for daughter and son-in-law, my parents and my older brother. I like to send leftovers home with my guests so they don't have to scrounge their supper, so between the main meal and the leftover packages, an entire turkey was consumed.

Never fear...Shane deep-fried a second one so we could have our own leftovers. I wound up with about 12 cups of diced turkey, enough sliced turkey for a couple rounds of sandwiches, and 5 quarts of rich turkey stock!

Whether you still have leftovers in the fridge or you just want to plan ahead for the next turkey-centric meal, here is the list of dishes on my use-it-up list:

Turkey Stuffed Shells. The better the gravy, the better this dish will turn out. We enjoyed it a lot and although I cut the amount of filling in half, we had enough for two meals. (leftovers of our leftovers)

Turkey Nachos. I got the idea from the link, but when it came time to put it all together, I opted to use the seasoned turkey to build individual taco salads. It was a nice change from the turkey and dressing flavors.

Cold Turkey Sammies. I'm a bit of a purest when it comes to turkey sandwiches. All I want on mine is turkey, mayo and dill pickle slices. Shane adds mustard and cranberry sauce to his. Kat likes hers on leftover dinner rolls.

Turkey Enchiladas. I'll be subbing diced turkey for the ground beef in this recipe.

Turkey Noodle Soup. I'll be using some of the stock and some wide rolled dumplings to make soup.

Turkey Curry. Odd ingredients, but good reviews. Can't wait to try it.

Kentucky Hot Browns. A classic open-face turkey sandwich.

Turkey Pot Pie with Cranberry-Thyme Crust. I just found this recipe today and had to add it to my list.

Then, after all the bird recipes, I'm going to make a big juicy hunk of cow.


SonyaAnn said...

We cleaned out the frig last night! I couldn't stand the disorder. We made lunches and froze what we could and then put everything in baggies that could be frozen and made into something else. I have no idea what to do with all of the deserts though. Well, I do know but my butt wouldn't be happy about it!

Annie Jones said...

SonyaAnn: I may have to freeze some of the diced turkey, depending on if we have more leftover-leftovers. No desserts left here, though; we only had two and they're both gone.

A.Marie said...

I did have dessert left, but I ate it all up...yep, I ate the rest of the pumpkin pie! :)

I made it back from Chicago okay; the traffic was steady, but no traffic jams, thank goodness. After the dr. appt I had blood work, then an EEG, so now I am beat! It is 7:30 pm and I am going to bed!

Very yummy recipes, by the way. I want to try th Kentucky Hot Browns. You always find the best recipes to post! :)

McVal said...

Thanks for the ideas! I was getting sick of mashed potatoes, piled on with turkey and gravy. There's only so many dishes like that until it really starts piling on my thighs.

SonyaAnn said...

Just popped over to say hi. I fixed the extra o I put in popped. Subliminal messages!

SonyaAnn said...

Write something!!! Lovingly said.