Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Has Fallen

Brrr! Fall has definitely arrived here. I'm not ready to have the furnace or our Edenpure heaters on full-time yet, but I started shivering the minute I got out of bed this morning and was more than willing to run the furnace for a couple of cycles; just long enough to get the chill out of the house. You know, it was probably just my internal thermostat going haywire again. It was 67° in here when I got up. Not really that cold, especially since I didn't have any problem yesterday morning when it was 68° in the house when I got up.


Today was picture day at school. One of the last things we do in the morning is get Kat dressed for school; this is so if she spills breakfast, it goes on her PJs and not her school clothes. With less than ten minutes left in our morning, Kat came to me and said she was ready to get dressed! What?! She wasn't dressed yet? How had I forgotten to set her clothing out? I rushed her to her room and pulled out the clothes we'd decided she would wear for her pictures and found out the top was too small! Grr! It was my fault for not making her try it on at the store. Luckily, the Plan B top was clean, so I put that on her, brushed her hair and made it to school with about 2 minutes to spare. This wasn't one of my better demonstrations of preparedness. We'll see how the pictures turn out in a few weeks.


Today is kitchen cleaning day. I've grown tired of the Tupperware and Cool-Whip containers falling on me when I open the cabinet doors. The thrill is gone.


To my Pay It Forward ladies: Watch your mail next week. :)


My parents may come to visit tomorrow morning, or they may not. They are at that age when all plans depend on how well they feel when they get up. I guess I'm still fairly young; only half of my plans depend on how I feel when I get up.

So, our Saturday plans are up in the air, but Sunday we have a firm date with our lawn. It's time to start winterizing. This will probably take a couple of weekends. We need to empty our "rain capture system" (I can't believe I haven't taken photos of that yet...maybe I will before we empty it), dig and store canna bulbs, till some compost into our empty garden beds, empty and store flower pots, straighten the storage shed a little, put summer tools in the shed and bring the snow shovels to the garage, put away hoses, save seeds from our annual flowers and who knows what else? We still have some food growing in the garden; we'll have to harvest all of that soon. I've already scraped frost off the van once, and have the feeling our first heavy frost is right around the corner.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Leanne said...

We do that too, if we're going out the door at 8.45am, Chloe started getting dressed at 8.35am:) Its still quicker than a full strip and change!

The tupperware boxes could be worse, they could be baking sheets (yes I've been hit on the dome with a baking sheet).

And our plans for the weekend are nada, zip, zilch! The rain is coming down sideways and its to get worse over the weekend. I really could do with spending some time in the garden giving it a good once over though.

Frances said...

That is so smart to get them dressed AFTER breakfast!

Lisa said...

two soccer games, hopefully no rain. Lunch with the in-laws to celebrate father-in-laws birthday. My husband has no ideas what to get his dad, and we're getting together with them tomorrow!

Tug said...

Can't wait to hear how the pics turned out; sometimes those are the best!

I need to get out & take some photos...lost my mojo there for a bit. We've got snow, the Rockies game is postponed due to the cold temps (record setting lows, ugh), and I'm in desparate need of food. Exciting, yes? ;-)